'Council tax, 20 years since it was valued: a flawed system...' blog discussion

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  • sozklee
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    hello im in a housing association house and no houses have been sold down our street so now how do i find out the value please??
    I really think it needs to means tested too just because the house is worth what it is doesnt mean we have lots of money!!
  • ktwb_2
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    Is there any value in appealing for a new build house? We are on a band E house, certainly no one has valued the house (rented not bought) by looking on the inside. It technically is a 4 bedroom, and although the 4th bedroom is big enough to fit a cot/toddler bed in, you cannot get a single bed in there, so it it technically a 4 bedroom?

    we reiceved our banding just under a year ago a few months after we moved in, and we could have appealed it then, but we didnt because we were pretty sure it would be rejected as its a new build.

    any advice?
  • Paxo123
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    Probably not quite what you want to hear Martin, but I am quite happy with the banding system. I am in a Band C house. Since it was "valued", we have extended the house by adding 2 bedrooms and built a conservatory. So if it were to be re-valued we would be going up at least 1 band. So no, I don't want the house to be revalued.

    But....why should the value of your house be used to determine how much you pay in Council Tax? I was all in favour of the Poll tax and didn't see what was wrong with everyone paying the same amount. Yes it meant that some households had to suddenly pay more as they had 4 people over 18 who all had to pay but that was much fairer than this current system.

    Or perhaps be totally radical and instead of having lots of different taxes, Income, NI, Council etc, lump them altogether and collect in 1 payment. But of course no Government would ever do that as it would mean we would see just how over taxed we are.
  • We live in Wales so I don't know if you have any advice!! Our new build house has been banded as an H, having been incorrectly compared to a house they claimed was 60m2 smaller than ours but turned out to be 100m2 bigger, on a plot twice our size with a swimming pool. When we complained, they looked again and said they stood by the original valuation. We have mortgage valuations in November 2002 and November 2006 but they refuse to take any notice of these, instead relying on this one other property. What's worse is we are building the house ourselves so when we moved in, upstairs was not even started (still very much incomplete), we had no heating (still haven't), the garden isn't finished by a long way and a lot of the inside is still temporary. They have offered to reduce it to a G as it is not finished but this still suggests an H if it was complete which I cannot accept. They have refused to provide details of how their estimate was achieved for the incomplete works saying it is for us to provide an estimate to prove them wrong basically, but how can we if we don't know what figures they used. No wonder a lot of people don't bother. It seems as if Tribunal is likely. Does anyone have any advice to offer.
  • What annoys me about paying council tax is seeing the lack of investment in our community - Where does all the money go!!??
  • I live in a one bed house with no garden. I am in Band B, the same as my neighbours who have two bed houses with gardens. I asked the Council to look into this and I got a long winded letter back basically saying the banding was correct, this is very unfair.
  • well, I requested details of the information used to band my property and basically the person who dealt with it had written that the tone of the list suggested a G but as it was new they could probably justify an H!! They have ignored all my evidence. There is an amazing property in the area, huge plot, big house, external building with sauna, gigantic detached garage. It's a band G. It is stunning. Guess what? It's not comparable to ours cause it's OLD!! Is Windsor Castle worth less than an Aldi store cause it's old???!!! I will fight it to the end though!!
  • it is a regressive tax which combines the worst of the old rates with an element of poll tax. The coucil tax breaks me, I take home £630 a month and have to pay £78 a month council tax (and that a Band A after the single person's discount) a friend of mine takes home £1, 400 and splits the council tax with her patner who also takes home over a grand. They pay £56 each a month, how can this be fair?
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    I notice that there have been a few people posting here who have asked specific questions about Council Tax. There is a specific council tax-related thread on the boards that can be found following this link:


    The link is to page 1, but we're currently on page 191, so shoot through to the end to get the latest posts.
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    I bought my first house in 1994, a 2 bed mid terrace, integral garage, new build. The council tax band was B, the house cost me 36000. It took quite a few months to get any banding at all, but that's another story.
    I wrote to the council to request the banding be looked at.
    They wrote back, said they would send someone round, but their decision was final and I could not contest it!
    They agreed that it was in the correct band and had it have been there when the banding's were set 1991, then it would have been worth over 41,000, which was conveniently the bottom rate for band B.
    I was not impressed, but being very young I didn't think I had a leg to stand on. Had it have happened now then I would have taken it further.

    Prob not much help to anyone but for years wanted to get this off my chest!!
    Just for information, sold that house last july for 109,000 bought my current house for 127,000 - 4 bed, 2 reception house, about 100 times larger than the first, same council tax band!!!! Work that one out!!! Not complaining mind!! They will prob read this, find out where I live and increase it!!!
    Need to sort my life out! :T
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