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My wife and I are due to go on a delayed honeymoon next month and I am just looking at the travel insurance options. In my thinking is that fact that my father was recently diagnosed with cancer, and there is a worry that due to his poor health the trip may not be able to go ahead or may have to be cut short.

The travel insurance policies I have looked at are quite vague as to what is and isn't covered in their policies. Whilst we did not know of his condition when booking in September, we are aware when it comes to arranging insurance cover.

Can anyone recommend/advise whether there may be any policies that would cover in the unthinkable event of anything happening to the old man and we had to cancel or return early.

Not really sure what I am asking for, my head is up my !!!!! a bit to be honest, all experiences/pointers welcome.



  • luci
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    If you had taken out the insurance at the time of booking, cancellation would have been covered as it wasn't a pre-existing condition and also unknown.

    Insurance is to cover unknown events and you won't be able to get cover re your father's condition now that you know about it.
  • lisyloo
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    Whilst we did not know of his condition when booking in September, we are aware when it comes to arranging insurance cover.
    You should have taken out cover at the time, to cover exactly this scenario.
    You won't be able to get cover for it now.
    The risk starts from when you purchase the holiday and that's when you should buy cover.
  • jambon79
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    Obviously I should have taken cover out when booking, but didn't, hence asking the question.

    Had a feeling this would be the case, will just have to hope the worst case scenario doesn't occur.
  • Claytone
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    The unfortunate thing is that if you were to make a claim, the insurance company would scrutinize any pre-existing conditions and then if these conditions contributed to the claim your insurance would likely become worthless. Sorry to hear about your father; you should forget about the insurance issue and just enjoy the trip.
  • Claytone
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    I might have been too quick to make a judgment there. Take a look at Age Concern under their travel insurance section. They have insurance for older people with pre-existing medical conditions.
  • McKneff
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    ~Even if you had taken it out at the time, it probably would still not have covered the event.
    Just take a look at the Terms and Conditions
    make the most of it, we are only here for the weekend.
    and we will never, ever return.
  • ROY47
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    my experience last year

    My dad had different types of cancer , bowel cancer 12 yrs ago ,liver cancer 5 yrs ago

    both removed and given the ok

    we booked a holiday in september 2009 to go in july 2010 ,took out insurance straight away , regretablly he developed lung cancer in january 2010 ,we had a difficult choice of paying the final balance by may 2010

    Hw was ok then so we paid up
    July 2010 he took a turn for the worst and died the day before we were due to travel abroad

    rang insurance to explain

    no go ,lost all the money , not that I care about that !

    their excuse it was a pre existing condition even though at the time of taking out insurance he was fit an well ,even driving until early july 2010 we knew nothing of the lung cancer att he time of booking
  • ceebeeby
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    Try Tesco insurance - they cover cancer patients going abroad.

    If not, try your dad's nurse specialist or the cancer social worker at the hospital he attends - they have a list of about 10 companies in the UK who will provide cover.
  • My mother is in the same position as the OP's father.

    We booked the holiday last October. My parents never got insurance back then.

    Today, my mum has been diagnosed with cancer and now we are looking for travel insurance for her and my father.

    We have been recommended who specalise in travel insurance with medical conditions.

    I think this maybe the only option now.
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