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28 and only just worked out how to run a house!



  • great thread! :T

    I've always cooked for the freezer, but this board has taught me not to be so wasteful. I got up last Wednesday and thought that I really should do some shopping. But I didn't go - and managed to feed us from the freezer/fridge/cupboards until Sunday. I've always had a 'siege mentality' when it comes to food and get twitchy unless I have at least 3 of everything in the cupboard! But now I am using up everything and wasting nothing, which impressed my husband - until he realised he was not allowed to attack the chicken carcass because I wanted it for stock!
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  • sarah*a
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    Lizzieanne wrote:
    But now I am using up everything and wasting nothing, which impressed my husband - until he realised he was not allowed to attack the chicken carcass because I wanted it for stock!

    Had to laugh when I read that....

    We cleaned out our freezers (yes I have 2 - I am that sad/organised) on sunday - and my DH was totally bemused by the bags of bones he found in there. I save all our chicken carcasses too but I don't think it had ever occurred to him that I freeze them until needed.

    I too have only recently started freezing things tho - but it has been a godsend. I have stopped using processed foods completely when I am cooking at home - but hubby is allowed one shelf for his frozen pizzas/keivs/bolognaise etc - I call it the 'I can't cope when you're not here' shelf.

  • Getting to number 7: herbs
    Did you know that fresh herbs freeze very well, so no need to chuck them away either if not used up in one go !!
    all the best to all x

    Having recently discovered this site I was amazed atthe money saving opportunities with online shopping, mobile and utility bills etc. and was fully embracing the whole 'money saving thing'.
    Ha, I thought, I'm ever so clever -I'm 28, I don't have any debts, don't have an overdraft, own my own house, lived away from home since going to uni, etc. and now can make even more savings on my spendings......

    And yet..... how is it I spend a fortune on food shopping when there's only me, I end up throwing everything out as it goes off, I'm always at the supermarket, i've cupboards full of flash cleaning products that never get used, and there's NEVER anything in the house to eat except 3 000readymeals and biscuits....???????????

    I've discovered this board and now I know - I didn't know how to run a house!!!Have been feeling very very stupid in the last few weeks. Okay I've got a degree, been to uni and got a teaching career, but oh my god I'm sooo stupid!
    My mum, fabulous as she is, has never taught me about running a house. It's just not done now, neither have my friends' mums. Was at school in the 80s and 90s when we were learning about having careers, taking over the world and going to M&S to get your microwave lasagne for tea.

    So thought I would amuse you all by listing the most blindingly obvious things I have learnt in the past couple of weeks which are helping me to both save money and time and have a much nicerlife!!

    1) I can make my own 'ready meals' like lasagne and spag bol and freeze them so I spend less and know what's in them!
    2) I can freeze things other than ready meals and bread, so don't have to throw things out.
    3) I don't need 28 different cleaning products - stardrops does everything, and it actually achieves the shine I've always been searching for.
    4) You don't have to put the recommended amount of washing powder & conditioner that it says on the box
    5) You can make the same soup as the Covent Garden Soup company and it doesn't take 3 weeks to make!
    6) You can make whole meals using bits in the cupboard and don't need any more bl**dy ready meals!
    7) Finally working out what to do with herbs, spices etc.
    8) Freezer boxes - Ahh that's why they're called freezer boxes - they're nt for storing the chocolate biscuits in.
    9) Freezing bread in bags of a few slices stops me having to defrost a whole loaf
    10)Using up left over apples to make apple compote, ditto slightly soft potatoes - get off my bum and do something with them rather than binning everything i spent a fortune on last week..

    The list goes on, and yes I know these things are blindingly obvious to you lot, but they weren't to me. Sorry for waffling but its been a revelation, and I'm still learning....
  • Ooh I made the old style thread of the month on Martin's email - yes, my life is so dull that I was actually quite excited by that !

    Love the fact that there are others like me out there who are clueless too! Please note Marks and Spencers profits may face a slump in the near future, - i haven't bought a ready meal there for over two weeks!!!

    Memo to self; I do not need more shoes....::rotfl:
  • What are stardrops?
  • mah_jong
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    What are stardrops?

    If you go up about 5 or 6 posts pink-winged has a link to this magic...low cost ....cleaner. Bought mine in poundstretchers!
  • rach
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    this thread has given me a kick up the backside.... i've been into this OS stuff for ages, but have slipped a bit (started using a whole dishwasher tablet recently - shock horror!!).

    i also have the whole siege mentality thing- i get edgy if there's not a cupboard full of tins and things! i wanted to go to the supermarket tonight but decided i really didn;t need any of the stuff i'd written on my list (never mind all the extra stuff i'd doubtless buy)

    i'm slowly working my way through all the bottles of shower gel, body lotion etc...and have told everyone not to buy any this christmas!

    anyway, thanks for the timely reminder, i'll get back to it!
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  • I`ve bought Stardrops from Morrisons as well.
  • Miss_Money
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    carbonel wrote:
    . I gave up drinking/eating anything containing Aspartame (artificial sweetener) after reading an article about it - very scary.

    hi :) its not just aspartemene thats bad for your health. i also cut out ALL artificial sweetners(sachrrin the lot!) i do believe that the us has banned these, and also some of europe. yet in the uk we seem obssessed by replacing sugar with these poisons everywhere:mad: .
    Id rather have sugar and wont let my dd have anything thats got the label Reduced sugar as it means its got sweetners in it. i dont think a bit of sugr ill harm her where as i KNOW the artifical stuff will!:rolleyes:
    (sorry for going off topic!)
    Im getting the hang of Os'ing i dont buy nerly the amount of food i used to i use up everything and i now batch cook :) on the cleaning side i never found those expensive products to ork anyway so ive always used elbow grease. i agree that our Generation was never taught to run a home (im 26) nice to meet you all MM xx
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  • Katmoo
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    I can relate to so much of this thread!

    I too am from the 'woman can have it all' generation of convenience.

    Where can you get stardrops? They sound like a proper wonder product - I will get some as soon as my current supply (enough to start my own shop) is used up. That'll be in about 12 months time then....

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