No more "Martin logos" for Red Nose Day, St. David's Day and more due to Google? blog



  • mkaibear
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    It's a US patent. It's not valid over here and will not be granted over here (the US have some *weird* patent rules).

    MSE is registered in Australia (for some reason - Melbourne IT? really?) and hosted in the UK, owned by a UK national (via a UK Ltd company). US patents do not apply.

    I find it bizarre to think that your legal department would suggest that it would be "limited" impact as opposed to "no impact at all"...
  • Errata
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    I was going to throw him a party, but he'd only try and get out of it.
    Probably just as well, he'll probably be quite stinky by now. But ....... any excuse for a party, eh?:D
    .................:)....I'm smiling because I have no idea what's going on ...:)
  • halibut2209
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    I know! Buried in a box underground for 80 odd years. I think he's taking this latest stunt a little too far.
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  • katthehat
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    Don't mess with Martin :money:
    Kat :money:
  • Reaper
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    edited 24 March 2011 at 6:21PM
    How long does it take your lawyer to say it is a US patent and therefore doesn't apply over here? On the other hand I guess you are paying him by the hour...

    Anyway the US patent office is renowed for issuing patents without checking them which have no chance of ever being successfully enforced by the courts.

    A point in case is the patent granted for a crustless sandwich!
  • ooh well if they have to go I for one will be sad. They have become a bit like the changing of the seasons - a marker to the year jogging along. Winter, spring, summer and fall.;)
  • MothballsWallet
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    I'm surprised that Google hasn't lodged a patent for pencil and paper yet...

    I just hope a Yankee patent won't affect MSE in the UK, but I don't know a lot about international patent law, except international law seems to be biased towards America, sadly :(
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    I've been with AOL for years and years (no comments please!) and every US holiday they change the home page's decor to match the season and have done so since before google did it. It's not like google invented the concept so how could they patent it?!! The mind boggles.

    It's only a game
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    if it were true we would have to launch a campaign to stop using Google as a search engine as punishment!:D
  • dinx1972
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    Oh, I hope the changing logo photos stay they really brighten up the day!

    Some do provide a vital service - if it wasn't for the logo change reminding me of BST time changes, it would never happen in our house as I never seem to leave the MSE website!!!!:eek::rotfl:
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