No more "Martin logos" for Red Nose Day, St. David's Day and more due to Google? blog



  • meher
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    May be they are treating it like a template for instance; but I didn't know that they were such ego centrists.
  • ZTD
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    Decorian wrote: »
    I like the seasonal Martin's logos, they should stick around.

    Surely you can use the "Prior Art" argument. You've been doing it for years before the patent was filed, and therefore either the patent is not valid, or you have an exemption from it.
    I am not a lawyer (I'm a physicist) so obviously don't take my word for it, but i thought something that was already common practice is not allowed to be patented.

    It is (IIRC) under European patent law that the first person to have the idea (documented) ends up with the patent. Under US law, it's the first person to file the patent that ends up with the patent.

    It's a US patent, so it has no validity in the EU.

    I would have thought prior art would have stopped it from being granted, but the US patent office has a spectacularly poor record in that department.

    Just about every website I've ever seen puts snow on their logo at Christmas.
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  • ElkyElky
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    I'd tell Google they can shove their patent where the moon shines bright.

    Anyway, when violating a patent, you usually get a cease and desist letter allowing you time to make any changes that no longer violated the said patent. It would be perfectly fine to continue with whatever logo alterations you want to make, if you did get a cease and desist letter then you just stop. They would only take further action if you continued with the blatant violation.
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  • Errata
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    Google seems intent on world domination. What next - pay per goggle?
    Today google has informed me it's Harry Houdini's 137th birthday, my life is now complete !
    .................:)....I'm smiling because I have no idea what's going on ...:)
  • Sagz_2
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    'kin stupid!
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    Wish to stress it is the US Patent Office and not Google that are the miscreants.
  • System
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    How ridiculous! :mad: I hope Martin an continue to have the fun logos
  • spugzbunny
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    In Soviet Google our logos patent you.
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  • halibut2209
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    Errata wrote: »
    Google seems intent on world domination. What next - pay per goggle?
    Today google has informed me it's Harry Houdini's 137th birthday, my life is now complete !

    I was going to throw him a party, but he'd only try and get out of it.
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  • ehlo
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    As previously stated, I don't see how a US patent could really affect this site. However if it did I find it hard to believe that nobody else has prior art.
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