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MSE News: Council tax to be frozen in England

in Cutting tax
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This is the discussion thread for the following MSE News Story:

"Council tax will be frozen or reduced in every local authority in England this year, the Communities Secretary says ..."


  • LoanrangerLoanranger Forumite
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    My Council has already frozen council tax for 2011/12. They have done this by increasing charges for non essential services. They have also co-operated with the county council to provide joint back office services. No redundancies, no increase in council tax. Win:win

    Why were these measures not taken in the past?
    It took a change of government for the local government to wake up and realise that council tax payers are not a cash cow.
  • I am very happy for you Loanranger. However.......

    My parish council have upped their charges by 189.3%, resulting in a 2.4% overall increase in my council tax for 2011-12.

    Can anyone top that?
  • What a con.. Sugaring the pill so we dont notice that the libraries, sports centres, community halls and other council funded assets have been removed.
  • mummyplus3mummyplus3 Forumite
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    My council tax has gone up by £8 a month how is that possible then?
  • MikeyorksMikeyorks Forumite
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    mummyplus3 wrote: »
    My council tax has gone up by £8 a month how is that possible then?

    Read the statement you received - it's clearly itemised?

    Are you sure you're paying it in the same number of instalments as last year?
    If you want to test the depth of the water .........don't use both feet !
  • mummyplus3mummyplus3 Forumite
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    Yes over 12 months we paid £110 a month this year and will pay £118 a month next year it is itemised but I can for the life of me find where i've put the bill now!
  • wealdroamwealdroam Forumite
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    Portsmouth City Council has frozen it's council tax for everyone except pensioners.

    Last year pensioners got a discount of £50 per houshold.
    This year that discount has been withdrawn.

    Therefore, an increase in the Council Tax bill of £50.00 this year for pensioners.
  • lincroft1710lincroft1710 Forumite
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    Hardly news, this was announced some weeks ago, new bill (no increase) came last week.
    If you are querying your Council Tax band would you please state whether you are in England, Scotland or Wales
  • SystemSystem Community Admin
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    mummyplus3 wrote: »
    My council tax has gone up by £8 a month how is that possible then?

    The MSE article does mention that:
    Some areas may see a small increase in April, as parish councils are not covered by the freeze arrangements and could be imposing a hike in their share of the tax.
    So it is likely that your parish council has increased it's portion of the council tax bill.
  • Mine went up just before the convenient!!
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