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if anyone has been stopped by a sales rep or had one call round and the rep has shown any info from a web page print out or if they have told you to disregard any calls or info from your current supplier, pls let me know.

a few people have complained about reps using uswitch print outs stating that they are cheaper, but as most of you are aware uswitch is based on area and consumption.

also, a lot of reps are advising customers that they will receive a call from their current supplier and to ignore what they are being told leading the cust to believe that they will be given incorrect info.

if this has happened to you pls let me know or contact energywatch directly.
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    The other problem with the price comparision site print outs is this, They can manipulate the results to suit the company they represent.

    I.e even British gas could be shown to be the cheapest for gas if you use 20 pounds per year and pay promptly!!

    Re; the present company will call u and lie line, well it is normally true. their jobs are to save the sale. Using any 'marketing' advise they can

    Just smile and remeber the little rules............

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