MSE News: Water bill prices set to rise this April

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"Although water bill prices are being hiked the Consumer Council for Water says there are still ways to save. ..."


  • Froggy-GFroggy-G Forumite
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    Yep, just had our new bill this morning, and its 10% higher per month, starting in April.. Just shocking...
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  • A_Flock_Of_SheepA_Flock_Of_Sheep Forumite
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    It's stupid. It's more expensive but the water doesn't taste any different.
  • BackOnTrackBackOnTrack Forumite
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    It's stupid. It's more expensive but the water doesn't taste any different.

    Thats sort of the point. If the price didn't go up it might well start to taste different, and not in a good way.

    If you want a safe, secure supply of water you have to pay for it and given average bills still equate to less than £1 a day thats not a bad deal for a safe and secure water supply, and sewage system.

    Of course if you want to pay less get a meter and use less water.
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  • tori.ktori.k Forumite
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    Unless you live under SWW domain then your safe secure water will cost you an average of £2.50 a day
  • Ken68Ken68 Forumite
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    No mention of FREE rainwater. Retrofitting a small system wouldn't cost more than two years water bills. And buckets are even cheaper.
  • flexriderflexrider Forumite
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    found a SOLUTION to everyones problems...start taking a wash in the canals or lakes nearby...Haha before anyone attack me im just showing some humour to the post? :0)
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  • EmehEm2005EmehEm2005 Forumite
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    Free rainwater-using Yorkshire Water previously owned by you and me and sold for nowt to YW by Thatcher was taken private in a £3.04 billion deal(!) in February 2008 by global infrastructure fund, Saltaire Water - a consortium of investment companies including American bank Citigroup and The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC).

    Thames Water was acquired by Kemble Water Limited on 1 December 2006. Kemble Water Limited is 100 per cent owned by Kemble Water Holdings Limited. The investors in Kemble Water Holdings Limited comprised Macquarie's European Infrastructure Funds 1 & 2, certain other Macquarie-managed funds and various non-Macquarie investors made up largely of pension funds and other institutional investors from Europe, Canada and Australia.

    Anglian Water owned by 80% foreign-owned multinational Osprey consortium.

    After privatisation tariffs increased by 46% in real terms during the first nine years, operating profits have more than doubled (+142%) in eight years, investments were reduced and public health was jeopardized through cut-offs for non-payment.

    See Wikipedia and websites for all details.
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  • shjo558shjo558 Forumite
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    Scotland have had a marginal decrease in water charges and marginal increase in waste water charges for 2011/12.
  • kurgonkurgon Forumite
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    Does anyone kbow how they have justified the increase? Even with the current rate of inflation this far outceeds this so where i9s the rational for Ofwat agreeing the rise?
  • telboyotelboyo Forumite
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    All the water companies claim the increases are based on increased costs and the average is about 10% except DWR cymru which has increased by 4%.
    Dwr Cymru does not have ordinary shareholders and is owned by its members.
    The increased costs by the other companies must be icreased dividends.
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