Have you/will you reclaim past bank charges?

Poll Started 21 November 2006

Have you/will you reclaim past bank charges? The consumer revolution to ask for all bank and credit penalty charges back is growing. Which of these options is closest to your reclaim situation?

See the Reclaim Bank Charges article for how to do it.

A. Never had a charge
B. Only been charged once, it’s not worth it
C. I’ve always just called up and had them refunded
D. Had charges but I can’t be bothered to try
E. Had charges but am too scared to try
F. Had charges and considering it
G. Had charges and am in the process of reclaiming
H. The bank(s) settled, I successfully reclaimed under £500
I. The bank(s) settled, I successfully reclaimed over £500
J. I successfully reclaimed, through the court, under £500
K. I successfully reclaimed, through the court, over £500
L. Tried to reclaim but got refused and didn’t want to go to court
M. Tried to reclaim, went to court and lost

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  • B+ : Only been charged once, called up and had it refunded.
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    Rip Off - Clearly written Terms and Conditions.
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  • SonOfPearlSonOfPearl Forumite
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    I've only been charged once - 50p for a copy of a statement! I didn't order any copies again after that :o .
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    I have just successfully reclaimed over £100 bank charges levied on my 83 year old mother's bank account. She has been with this bank for over 50 years and had never been overdrawn. It was a genuine mistake that did not come to light until the month end statement came through the following month. She was mortified and immediately paid in money to clear the debit but they charged again for the second month. Despite phone calls and a letter to the branch I had recourse to write to their head office. It took them three weeks to investigate but they wrote and apologised for the poor service from the branch and refunded all charges. Have not named the bank in this post but it is not one of the big four.
  • successfully claimed back over 4K from 2 banks and three credit cards -all with the help of !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -no way i could have done it alone
  • Although I've never had any bank charges, many of my clients have (I'm a volunteer personal budget counsellor). So far, I've helped three people to success in reclaiming bank charges - one almost £2000, one £450, and one over £3500. When these people got their money back, I felt as good as they did! It makes an enormous difference in their lives.
  • I am all for saving money but find this whole subject mildly annoying.

    In the end it will mean that people like me (who manage there money and accounts) so do not get charged will end up paying for all the others.

    If you get charged it is because you have done something to make the bank charge you - you should pay that charge and not me!
  • My first ever charge of £39 by the Halifax - successfully reclaimed! Was in a complete state (being only young) until my mum pointed me in the direction of this site!

    Oh and by the way Cheetah - it's illegal for banks to charge above £12!! So why shouldn't we reclaim it back. It's the law, and its not one rule for one person and another for another, if the banks decide to introduce something that will make up for the drop in allowance for charges then EVERYONE will suffer, not just yourself!!!!
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  • *Louise**Louise* Forumite
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    Never had a charge.

    But if I do - my bank has a policy that if you haven't had any charges for 6 months, then you can get it automatically refunded.
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  • Im too scared to try, i have a graduate loan and a huge overdraft with my bank...am too scared to try in case they close my account and demand the money back
  • I used to work for Barclays Bank in the 80's. If someone came into the branch and asked for a refund of charges, their request was refused.

    However, those that wrote in had their charges refunded.

    I have no idea if this policy was just our branch or otherwise and no idea if it still exists.

    Interesting though!
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