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  • I have two spreadsheets that I update, a personal phonebook/address list and one showing the costs incurred on a house we are doing up. Neither have any graphs
  • serbask
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    I have a massive spreadsheet of everything I've ever sold on ebay, with columns for all fees, costs etc. I have even added what the item cost me in the first place so I can see what my profit or loss on every item is. Very nerdy but helps decide whether something is worth selling by seeing quickly how much fees are.

    I also have a spreadsheet that records everything I spend down to the last penny. I started it 3 years ago so it has many many tabs along the bottom (one for each month). It also records my income and works out the difference. I have lots of columns that record things such as whether the purchase was essential, necessary (but maybe not straight away), and not needed. The whole idea was that I wouldn't buy things I didnt need as the spreadsheet would shame me into relising how much I am spending. However, I have become slightly addicted to the spreadsheet and enjoy filling it in which somewhat defeats the object ....
  • nzseries1
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    I have spreadsheets for all sorts of things, the budget, how much money people owe me, my savings, who i gave my email address to and when (to detect who is sending spam), and my weight!

    And I have two graphs, one for my savings amount (including my savings target) and one for my weight over the last 4 years!
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  • jinky67
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    I have no idea how to even do a spreadsheet:rotfl:
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    I've got loads of spreadsheets. One for Ebay with all the fees on, postage charged and costs, so I can work out profit. One for counting calories and amount of sleep I have, as I'm on a diet for 4 weeks (1.5 weeks to go!). I do a budget every month, got incoming and outgoing column and work out if I'm spending more than I should or if I need to make some more money that month.

    I also have an income spreadsheet that calculates my with columns for taxable income, non taxable income and all the deductions made. Then it adds it up and at the end of the tax year I can see if I have overpaid or underpaid in tax. I do this as I don't have a steady income, so need to record every little detail. I'm currently owed over £300 in tax, for this year, and that's set to rise if I don't get a job! Makes claiming a tax rebate easy.
  • natsplatnat
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    I have 3 spreadsheets running at the moment - current acc, house acc (all house bills, rent etc) and savings acc. Each one has a graph and runs for the whole of 2011 and allows my to forecast my balance!! Conditional formating show at a glance when my balance is >£0.00, <£0.00 and >£1,000.00.

    Nothing better than playing with spreadsheets - I am a geek and I am proud!!!
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  • Martin, you are SUCH A GEEK!!!! (Just like me :D)

    I have spreadsheets for:
    - car fuel consumption
    - mortgage calculations (overpayments etc)
    - my bank and creditcard statements (don't get paper statements so download all the data and then individually add what each line relates to)
    - my household budget and savings amounts

    - just going to start one for house prices in my street (thanks MSE Wendy)

    None of these have graphs on though - don't really need them at the moment but may add in at a later date.
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    Ooooh I don't feel alone anymore :D

    My spreadsheets:
    - expenses in the current account (just like a bank statement)
    - different savings accounts, rates, when the bonus rate ends
    - monthly expenses split by type
    - utilities bills, with averages and unit cost
    - interest received
    - house payments (mortgage + family)
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    Just the one of note, for me. It's called "money_snapshot" and records our state of play as at the day before payday.
    I have one tab per month.
    Got a section for bank account balances, a section for money owed (e.g. current credit card balance, nursery fees), a section for money owed to us (including what we've naughtily borrowed from ourselves) and a section at the bottom with annual costs that get apportioned each month.
    Doesn't include money in our spending account.
    It's supposed to come to zero each month.
  • maris7
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    I have them for wedding stuff at the moment so I have lots

    To do - ie who needs paying how much and when

    Wedding Budget - detailed account of who has been paid deposits, how much is left to who, how much is left to save and divided monthly (now saved)

    Hen Night - who has paid what and needs to pay what

    Wedding Guests - who is invited, totals and email addresses

    RSVP - who has replied and how many have special requirements

    They run my life
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