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help with greenhouse

We have just bought a greenhouse- 6'x6', horticultural glass, £168 + £76 for the base - from Focus. This is due to be delivered on Saturday, and between myself and DH, we think we might build it next week if the weather is kind.
We aim to put it on the patio (2' square concrete slabs, but we think we might make a wooden frame for the base to sit on, just to level out the bumps !) It will go VERY close to the garden fence on the north side, but the rest is south facing and gets all the sun.
Now we are not in the first flush of youth, so would appreciate any advice and tips that anyone can offer.
In return I promise to post an update on the ENORMOUS (I hope) crop of tomatoes I am planning .......:j:)


  • Hockeynut
    Hockeynut Posts: 81 Forumite
    That seems good value! :) I can't help with the installation though, sorry.

    Do you have a link?
  • Farway
    Farway Posts: 13,351 Forumite
    Homepage Hero First Post Name Dropper Photogenic
    The wooden base may not be wise, wood rots, especially in on ground & with humid conditions [ I assume G/h & base is alloy?]

    Could you use some sort of plastic or alloy perhaps

    Or just bung it on the patio & fill in gaps with cement?
    Eight out of ten owners who expressed a preference said their cats preferred other peoples gardens
  • D&DD
    D&DD Posts: 4,405 Forumite
    We got our 8 x 4 greenhouse last year and we also have a paved area where it sits,we just put it on the slabs and its fine but ours does have a built in base.

    Ours is also near to the fence but OH suggested we didn't put it right up against it (as I wanted it) as it would make it hard to clean around the back and he was right *shh don't tell him I said that* :D

    Took us a day to build frame and a day to glaze,we have toughened glass but I was a nervous wreck doing that bit :o

    Do use gloves when glazing if poss (I had gardening gloves with rubber palms) some shops also sell glazing kits with sucker things which may be of help.
    Elite were brilliant when we got stuck on one bit they helped over the phone as we just couldn't make sense of the very clear instructions :rotfl:

    Take your time and have plenty of tea on hand
  • markandkate
    markandkate Posts: 846 Forumite
    My greenhouse sits on soil. In the middle there are concrete slabs. Each side of the 2' slabs I have got very thick plastic and then on top of that I have got gravel. This means that I can keep the gravel damp and the plants will draw moisture from the gravel so that you do not over water or constantly watering. You can also put nutrients in the water when you water the gravel so that you can feed the plants slowly. If the plastic is thick enough it should hold the water and supress any weeds.

    I also use ring pots, those with no bottoms in them to seat in the gravel. I have been doing this for 20+ years. If the gravel gets compost in it and needs cleaning then you can either take it out and wash it or repalce it
  • powershopper
    powershopper Posts: 329 Forumite
    I think this is the link www.focusdiy.co.uk because we are over 60 we got 15% discount last week, they still haven't delivered yet
  • powershopper
    powershopper Posts: 329 Forumite
    thanks D&DD, the idea of the kit with the suckers sounds brill, didn't know about them, especially as we wont be able to get round the back. I wonder where to get such a kit ?
  • powershopper
    powershopper Posts: 329 Forumite

    do like the idea about the tea :)
  • D&DD
    D&DD Posts: 4,405 Forumite

    This is the sort of thing PS not used this company so have no idea if they are good or not maybe someone else can advise?
  • powershopper
    Thanks D&DD, just ordered a set of glass sucker from Amazon £5.25, can't be bad !
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