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MSE News: Natwest and RBS fall short on charter promises

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MSE News: Natwest and RBS fall short on charter promises

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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Budgeting & Bank Accounts
This is the discussion thread for the following MSE News Story:

"The first progress report on the commitments, launched last year, states they under-performed in five of 25 goals ..."


  • shortwireshortwire Forumite
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    There's a reason NatWest has their well known nickname. The Warwick Uni branch is open for 4 hours a day five days a week, the queues are always huge as there are never enough cashiers on. I swear I'm only with them for the free railcard.
  • adamc260adamc260 Forumite
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    What do you expect. Government bail out, yet they can still hand out massive bonuses to the fat cats who do very little.
  • pmdukpmduk Forumite
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    I've not yet read the report, but I do feel we should cut them some slack for attempting to quantify their customer service achievements, (Santander and Barclays please take note.)
  • chambtachambta Forumite
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    Many of them are pretty meaningless things.
  • SpudGunnerSpudGunner Forumite
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    Indeed the charter is a joke, things like "we will have every available member of staff is out serving customers in busy periods"

    What? So if they are at lunch for instance then they will not be available I guess?!

    Also their moneysense program is about them going out and trying to flog products to young people, not really about helping them.

    Interesting that with the snow earlier in the year, the Natwest in our town was the first to close down without fail!
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    Toe-JamToe-Jam Forumite
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    Why does moneysavingexpert consistently leave Ulsterbank out when reporting on the RBS group, or have they forgotten that there are 3 main banks in the retail group and also was part of the charter.
  • vinh1000vinh1000 Forumite
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    even though natwest is open til 6pm where i live, there is never enough cashiers as always busy (not 5 minutes turnaround all the time)
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    plumber2009plumber2009 Forumite
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    So much for recieving a replacement debit card in 24hrs. More like 6 weeks,

    Bunch of no good FKng thieving liars.

    Its time for me to join the newly formed "METRO BANK". Open early til late 7 days a week and will issue cards etc within 15 minutes of opening an account.
  • fozmcfcfozmcfc Forumite
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    I've been with Natwest over 20 years and largely I've always been happy with the service I have received.

    I rarely go into the bank nowadays, only very occasionally to deposit a cheque.

    It always amazes me in this day and age, why people need to go into a bank more than once or twice a year.
  • stclairstclair Forumite
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    Im an ex employee RBS Group
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