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Should Insurance Be Sexless - Martin's Blog & Site Vote

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  • :p
    ryouga wrote: »
    To see why male claims are higher we need to dig a bit deeper.

    Fact is many young boys get cars to impress the girls even today then dont care about the consquences, this is more due to the fact that its still seen as a male thing to impress women, so you cannot blame men for that other reasons is that like already said, a lot of accidents may be by men but caused by women so to speak.

    Yeah, it's my husbands fault that I shoplift. I am so keen to impress him with my cooking skills that I have to go into Waitrose and nick some expensive ready meals
  • This is a big fat lie, women are not safer drivers, the reason the risk is higher for men is they do more motorway driving so when they do have accidents the results tend to be a lot more severe.

    The cynic in me says insurers also know overall men earn more so can afford to pay more.

    There would be an uproar if women got paid less for being police as while they are often helpful in bringing a situation under control they obviously cannot bring as much physical force to the table as a man.

    It's unfair, women have been doing the "we're discriminated against" thing for years and it's about time equal rights means equal rights. They should pay the same as men, end of.
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    The big issue is probably pension poverty among women (a major problem across the EU, especially now that fewer families are staying together) rather than anything to do with car insurance. It's the same reason that they reduced the NI contribution years to 30 for both sexes (adding massively to the collective tax burden in the process).

    But if you equalise pension annuity payments by taking out gender as an issue, then you have to apply the same principle elsewhere e.g. car insurance.

    I personally can't believe that I (as a man) can have made 30 years of pensions' contributions, only for the authorities to change the rules without compensating me :(. It's daylight robbery.

    For the next ten years I am going to save for retirement outside a pension as my life expectancy simply doesn't make it worth it.

    Fortunately for us as a couple, my partner has larger pension savings and so may conceivably benefit at my expense.

    I'd better keep her sweet with an anniversary weekend break! And put that prospective affair on hold ;).
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