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Moving BT Master Socket

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Moving BT Master Socket

edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Phones & TV
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Mtaylor2Mtaylor2 Forumite
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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Phones & TV
Hello I rang up BT yesterday to enquire about moving my Master Socket NTE5 into a different room. I was quoted £127+VAT. I was under the impression that I couldn't move it myself but just thought I would double checkand was told that I COULD move it myself and was given a number to ring if I have any technical problems.0800800151. I rang the number to double check and again got told it was fine to move my master Socket and waseven told where I could get a new NTE5 socket. Still not sure what i have been advised is correct because i thought is was a big NO NO to touch bt masters. Any views PleaseMark


  • iniltousiniltous Forumite
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    The network up to the master socket doesnt belong to the service provider even if its BT Retail, its BT/Openreach who own it, and I'm pretty sure you are not allowed to tamper, but, if you did and didnt make a b*lls up, then how would they know ?...but I dont think BTR should be telling you its OK though, and if you did and had to call out OR to fix it, then a charge would probably follow
  • penrhynpenrhyn Forumite
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    You are not allowed to tamper/move the master socket. It contains safety components.
    You can however remove the lower half of the faceplate and wire any extensions to the terminals provided.
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  • That's what I thought.

    But it seems strange that they gave me a telephone number to ring
    if I need help. 0800800151

    I have rung the number to check and sure enough they said its ok
    to move it.
  • penrhynpenrhyn Forumite
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    Curiouser and curiouser?
    That gum you like is coming back in style.
  • DVardysShadowDVardysShadow
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    Mtaylor2 wrote: »
    Hello I rang up BT yesterday to enquire about moving my Master Socket NTE5 into a different room. I was quoted
    Why would you want to move the NTE5 to another room rather than connect a new socket to it?
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  • Hi
    Yes I could run an extension from current master position.

    It would just look neater to change position of master.

    To keep it simple, cable from mast meets house 5 ft from where i want my new master socket. (upstairs room with computer and router)

    Currently cable runs down the house around 2 corners to kitchen, about 50ft. I could run an extension back to the room but the extension cable would just follow the same route back up to where the mast cable originally meets the house.

  • It's correct that the master socket is BT's property, and you're not allowed to move or indeed tamper with it.

    Most people do run an internal extension cable.

    If you have ADSL broadband, you may well find that putting the modem at the end of the extension cable will lose you some speed.

    The modem ideally needs to go into the master socket - split it there using the microfilters. This is of course easy if it's a wireless modem and you get a good enough signal where you actually use it.

    The telephone on the end of the extension can go anywhere.
  • I have always wondered if we should get a master socket.

    We have an old GPO block in the house!
  • So do we. That may or may not be the reason why ADSL broadband is unworkable here.

    But BT is essentially a telephone company and it's fine for voice, so there you are.

    That's why the line has been unused for 3 years and continues to be so.

    Daft, isn't it.
  • I have know TRIPLE checked with BT and they have said again..
    that it is an 'Urban myth' that you will get fined and its illegal to move master
    The rules were relaxed a few years ago.

    If it goes wrong you will have to pay to get it fixed by Openreach!
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