need new washing machine

in N. Ireland
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Hi All, i need to buy a new washing machine, family of 5 so it never stops, any recommendations or know of any sales or discounts?



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    Zanussi seems to be quite reliable. I had purchased a number of Hotpoint appliances a few years ago when I moved house, I no longer have any! All developed faults within 12 months and 'died' not long after that. Wouldn't buy hotpoint again as it seems a little strange that a washing machine, tumble dryer and fridge all had faults! None of the appliances took too much abuse so there wasn't an excuse!
    Zanussi is still going strong, was a bit expensive but I did quite a bit of research and it seems to be a good reliable brand.
  • Thanks for that, all info helps!:j
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    Hotpoint are re-badged Indesit machines/appliances.

    I have had good experiences with Bosch/Siemens appliances, however for longevity Meile (not cheap though)
    That gum you like is coming back in style.
  • I'm a bit sad cause I just love my washing machine and would rave about it all day given a chance! We've an LG one, its a 9kg drum but you can up to 11kg I think which would be good for a big family like yours. The 9kg is great for just us 2, only do one clothes wash a week as can get it all in there. Had it a few years now with no problems, its quiet in comparision to our last one which is great and comes with a 10year guarentee on the motor. They are pricey though compared to normal machines but its definitely worth it in my opinion given it has a long life expectancy. Think we bought ours online from Dixons, worked out cheaper than going to the likes of Currys but worth having a look about for a good deal. Hope that helps!
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    Bosch/Siemens if you can get them cheap enough?

    If you want a cheaper machine maybe Beko

    Try ;
    Domestic Appliance Repairs
    32 Frances St, Newtownards,
    028 9181 5765 ‎

    They also sell Grade 'A' machines, may have cosmetic marks on them but are still new/guaranteed. Mostly Beko from £140
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    Think we bought ours online from Dixons, worked out cheaper than going to the likes of Currys

    They're the same company. ;-)
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    try mccutcheons in dromore - if they cant fix a machine, they offer reconditoned machines or brand new ones - their number is 02892693359

    we use them through work & ive also had them out to fix my tumble dryer as well :-)
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    Just be careful if anyone goes for a Miele. Yes they are very good machines and I was very close to buying one because of the 10 year parts and labour..... but on their website it clearly states the 10 year parts and labour excludes Northern Ireland!
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    I bought my Whirlpool washing Machine from Miller Brothers 10.5 Years ago (I know that as I put my birthday money from my 22nd Birthday towards it). The said machine is still going strong and has moved house with me twice (80 miles in a van on the 2nd move). It was meant to be £350 but had £100 off as the new model was coming out next day and also had a £50 Managers Special discount. I do 3-4 washes a week. Unfortunately I don't think Miller Brothers are still trading?
    I only comment on posts I have relevant understanding and knowledge of, I have worked as a Payroll Clerk for 19 Years first in Recruitment now in the Voluntary Sector. Had all sorts of battles over the Years with Housing Benefits, Tax Credits and got over £2000 compensation from CSA when they got it wrong for 2 Years :mad: Now CIPP qualified! :T:T
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    Downpatrickmum we bought a beko washing machine from mccoubreys in Downpatrick last year 8KG - have 2 small children so its on all the time. Large drum and takes a good load. Havent had an issue with it yet and it's free delivery in the area :)

    Oh and we have an indoor dog so there is quite a bit of hair about and it copes very well
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