Where to stay near Pirbright

Son is passing out from phase one in March from Pirbright and we are having a nightmare time trying to figure out the logistics of staying over the night before.

He passes out on a Friday but we no idea yet of what time to arrive and what the order of things will be and what time we expect to finish - bearing in mind traffic conditions/ rail delays on a Friday afternoon.

We still have not decided wether to drive down or to go by train. We have never driven this far south before :D - its going to be about 2 and a half hours - never been further south than Birmingham!

The train is not much better, about 3 hours, 3 changes and we have to go across London. Or we could go Wolverhapton - Basingstoke - Brookhouse.

So it looks like we need to stay the night before but not sure where. Son has said that everyone who is staying the night before stays near Brookhouse then taxis to Pribright might be a problem as might accomodation

Son says he will need to bring back two vast holdalls - probally too big to go in the car and big enough to annoy everyone on the train!

I would appreciate hearing anyones experiences.
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  • woking is close enough i think.
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    badgerhead wrote: »
    woking is close enough i think.

    Woking is on the BR line.By trhe way ,people of Nantwich. and Crewe,the life down here is similar to Cheshire with people using £ sterling,the Queens English-we even drive on the left.Take note -oven bottoms are rare here!
    Why not miss the passing out parade and do a John Lennon and give Pete a chant!If your lad is passing out keep him off the beer:j
  • welfare usually have a house they rent out, contact welfare and find out although it is unlikely it would be available. There is a pub/hotel in Brookwood which is the trainstation for camp. With regards to pass out. It should begin between 9 and 9.30 and should wrap up by 3, usually early. Pass out at Pirbright is good. There will be the display on the square then after that its back to the Naafi for your sons 1st beer in yonks bless him! You can also buy food there too. I just rememberd - on Bisley camp (a 5 minute walk from pirbright) there is a place called St Georges Lodge, very pleasent rooms. There should be room there! Here is the phone number 01483473006
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    Places near Pirbright, if you go down by car - Frimley, Aldershot, Camberley, Would suggest you use a car simply due to the price of the train tickets!!! Try Travellodge - I'd be happy to use them. Best of luck - and congratulations. Take a WARM coat and a brolly!!!
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  • You would be better driving down, as there is no railway station at Pirbright, it's a bit out in the sticks, the nearest station is Brookwood, on the line from Waterloo
  • Brookwood station is about a 20min walk from ATC Pirbright so don't worry too much about the distance there. Quick Taxi ride or walk etc. I run past it every morning in fact, lovely along the canal there and loads of fish!!
  • it is beautiful there, my hubby was with Royal Anglians and I enjoyed being posted in Pirbright
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