Is the territorial army good pay while on training

Someone i know is in the territorial army and his girlfriend is always moaning that they have never got any money, Now i thought the pay is good when you go away training but i'm i correct thinking this.


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    It depends what rank he is, and what you mean by "training". For a Private it is about £42 a day when "away" for training.
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    Yep, don't forget he'll only get paid for what he does, A drill night is usually 1/4 days pay which isn't much after tax.
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    A weekend is 2.5 days pay. To be honest, most people don't do it for the money!

    (Although the bounty eventually means you stick with it!)
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    £33 a day for the first part of the training - the initial 7 weeks (or 9 if going infantry) so for a weekend its only £82.50 and each parade night is paid about £8.25 so not good money really but as said above most people dont do it for the money!
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    TA wages are not bad, but when you calculate a private can be on £42 a days, but be asked to work 24 hrs, its a lot less then the minimum wage. Also If you are away from home another base, you have to pay for your own meals on a dine as you eat. This can be up to £10 a day out of your money which you cant claim back.

    So to summarise £42 before tax and NI. Then £10 off of that after Tax and NI.. Not to mention as a part time worker you should be offered a pension but you aren't in the TA.
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