So glad to have found this web site!

Many many thanks to everyone who contributes in any way to this wonderful site! I visit daily and love to keep up with all the new posts. It's so good to have somewhere like this to turn to for such great information and help offered. :beer: Cheers everyone, but.... especially Martin.... you da man! :D


  • Me to since joining I've become much more savvy.

    Got new boiler quote from £5000 to £3000
    Sky from £32 a month to £26
    My phone and broadband from £49 a month to £26
    A £180 camera for £125

    and today even got my 86 year old nan a good deal on her phone:j:j:j:j:j Thanks
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    Sharaaz :spam: trying to bump there post count to promote there site in signature/avatar
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    Yeah - I'm the same. I've saved so much I've lost count.

    I use uswitch and quidco regularly. I've all the main loyalty cards - I am a token/coupon addict.

    I also use ebay to sell items I don't use - I regularly review my possessions and ask myself if I really use things. I never buy anthing on impulse - I always shop around for the best deal.

    I use charity shops, cook almost all my own food rather than take-out. I've reclaimed money from bank charges. I've successfully haggled with my TV and mobile suppliers for a better deal.

    I could go on :-)

    The main thing is that it's fun and if you add up the time it takes you to do many of these things it's at a better rate than what I get paid.
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