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Bought a new seagate hard drive today, and have just plugged it in and started to set about transferring music picures etc from the computer to it. I had transferred all my pictures and music, and then set about my daughter's. One of her music files just totally froze the computer, so I switched the computer off and back on. Now all my stuff has disappeared! I feel so stupid, and I think all her music has disappeared too. I know I will be able to get it back off her ipod onto the computer, but all my pictures too? I'd emptied the recycle bin because the whole point of doing this was to free up space on the computer and now I could cry. All my pictures disappeared. The yellow warning triangle keeps appearing in the corner telling me data has been lost. Is there any chance at all of retrieving anything????

I could just cry. I would have thought once I'd transferred it it would be safe but it just has gone, and of course once I'd moved it over I cut and pasted it rather than copying because I wanted to clear the computer...


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