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hi guys i need a operation in my foot and need i say i will be getting it after i leave in 18 months after i leave the army i will be getting a triple fusion in my left foot so was wondering what and if i will be able to claim any benifits as i will not be able to work for a year and maybe never be able to walk properly again 50/50 chance of full recovery but its better than the pain the injury causes
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  • Can't really advise on benefits, but my OH suggests you contact the Royal British Legion to see if they can give you any advice.
    I believe you should be entitled to some resettlement, so your Admin office should be able to advise on that.
    Have you posted on the Benefits forum? Someone there might be able to help with any possible benefit entitlements.
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  • hi if the need for your op is a result of being in the army then you may be able to claim through the armed forces compensation scheme. definatley get in touch with the british legion they are a fantastic help and a great source for answers x good luck x
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