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How have things changed for you since you first joined?

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  • I didn't realise how much moneysaving had become part of our lives until my DD (3 and half) said "when my Dora the Explorer slippers are old can I get Barbie ones?" Before I would have bought anything:rolleyes: she asked for but now always ask "do we need it? Do we love it? Do we already have one? Do we need it now? etc" so I guess she's been listening!
  • rarelerarele Forumite
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    What a great thread - thanks.

    I think my biggest achievement is simply opening "the envelopes" and facing up to it all. In some ways it wasn't as bad as I thought. Although I owe a lot of money & know I've been very irresponsible in the past I felt better by facing up to it.

    The other things I have done are;
    • a few mystery shopping trips
    • Doing a weekly menu for dinners and sticking to it
    • Cut food bill from "I don't know what" to £35 per week - and sticking to it - in fact less this week :)
    • Cancelled subscriptions to magazine/museums/galleries
    • Opened basic bank account so DMP with CCCS can start
    • Taking my own lunch to work & eating breakfast before I leave home instead of on the way (most days anyway) :rolleyes:

    I am so grateful for the support and advice on here. I couldn't / wouldn't have started this long journey without it.

    R :)
    Proud to be dealing with my debts
    Debt Free by "sometime" in 2010:j
    £2 Coin Savers Club £22 Started again after saving and spending £96 for Xmas :T
  • Things have changed drastically for us:
    *Applied for a Nationwide card, so we pay no load when traveling (and we do alot of traveling)
    *In addition, I got 9 months 0% on that same card, so I dont have to pay for our China/Australia trip till February
    *Reduced our home insurance from £899.60 a year to £368.45
    *switched my phone plan to PAYG
    *Had our council tax reduced from band F to band E
    *have received tons of freebies
    *Switched our gas/electric suppliers
    *Received +£90 from A&L in unfair bank charges
    *switched ISA provider from Abbey to A&L

    I cannot really put a number on how much we have saved, but we have certainly saved a mint. The weekly newsletter is by far the most important piece of mail I get. I cannot wait till Wednesday when I can thoroughly go through and see what we can improve.
    Debt & Mortgage free...
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    since discovering this site i have paid off a £4,000 barclaycard - by transfering the balance and making over payments

    cleared 2 storecards

    changed my loan term so its paid back quicker - and will be cleared by the end of this year

    didnt buy anything for myself for months! so treated myself a to a new lipgloss, eye pencil and dress a couple of weeks back - £20 for all 3!

    stopped buying 2 4 1 deals on toiletries/make up for the sake of it and am using up all my old stuff.

    stopped buying lunch every day and cooking more at home.

    switched gas and elec

    moved in with my sis last year for cheaper rent

    stopped buying things for the sake of it!

    so many things that i cant even list them! a better attitude towards money, i've also got some savings, I am on track to save for a deposit for my own place next year - MSE has changed my life in too many great ways to mention!

    joined quidco (got £100 in 2 months!!) and yougov

    got back my bank charges

    stopped going to the supermarket every night and using whats in the house, plus being more prepared by having stuff defrosted and ready to eat as well as freezing meals for a later date

    Reclaimed my bank charges - got £250 back from HSBC and £88 from First Direct :)
  • winkle1winkle1 Forumite
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    Part of the Furniture Combo Breaker
    oh and forgot to meantion, cleared nearly £4,000 of student over drafts!

    Reclaimed my bank charges - got £250 back from HSBC and £88 from First Direct :)
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    Angelite: Tesco clubcard plus isn't a credit card (as credit cards are the devil!) its more like a solo card- you pay money into an account and you can then spend that money in store and get double points- but you can't spend mor ethan is actually in the account. There's a thread about it somewhere if I can find it!

    Hey :hello:

    Is this thread what you're talking about?


    IW x
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    :T Debt free wannabe - Proud to be dealing with my debts! :T

    Remember the MoneySaving mantras!

    IF YOU'RE SKINT......
    Do I need it? Can I afford it? Can I find it cheaper anywhere else?

    Will I use it? Is it worth it? Can I find it cheaper anywhere else?
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