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How have things changed for you since you first joined?

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  • savvykazsavvykaz Forumite
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    I too have come a long way since my lightbulb moment 3 and a half months ago

    - changed gas/electricity provider
    - lowered Sky from £41 to £21 per month
    - reclaimed £2,253 in unfair bank charges
    - joined Quidco (£44) and pigsback (£5)
    - reduced food bill from nearly £400 to £280 a month
    - got a new 0% card to transfer debts from a 34.9% and 16.9% cards
    - meal plan more and doing store cupboard challenge
    - sold on e-bay (about £50)
    - did a boot sale (£65)
    - no longer buy magazines
    DMP starts June 2012, £38,180.

    Balance June 2015 £26,046 (paid off 32%)

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  • Hello,

    Just a new DFW. Haven't yet worked out total debt or a plan to pay it off. :confused:

    Your stories are so inspiring, I already feel better just knowing it can be done.

    My light bulb is flickering but almost ready to go full power.

    Need to know though - what are these cashback sites mentioned i.e. quidco, piggyback etc. What are the url's and what do you do?

    All help appreciated.

    Proud to be dealing with my debts! :T
  • The light bulb moment for me was back in May this year when I heard about reclaiming bank charges. I thought to myself - 'hmm, there must be a few hundred quid there'. Lo and behold, when I totalled it all up it came to over £10K across about six banks!

    The success I've had there is what has made me re-evaluate my spending habits and ...slowly... persuade my wife to do the same! She's coming on board though. :T
  • Wow!
    What a nice thread! I'm really impressed by how far everyone has come. Really encouraging to read.
    Since joining in about April time we've had a few setbacks which meant we had to rethink the plan a bit- but I think we did a lot better out of having a plan to re-think!
    SO since joining I have:
    -Switched our phone and internet to a cheaper provider
    -Worked out a realistic amount to pay towards debts on a monthly basis instead of just having the "we'll see what's left" attitude.
    -Set up seperate accounts for different things to help keep us organised
    -Got a clubcard plus account to earn extra Tesco points!
    -Started doing my cleaning old style!

    So far we've paid off just over £1300 of our total debts (although it did feel a bit like running on the spot when a new unexpected one for £900 turned up in the summer- learnt my lesson and checked our credit reports after that- thanks to tip offs from other DFW's!)

    Anyway- we're probably not doing as well as some of you, but we're getting there!
    "People who "do things" exceed my endurance,
    God for a man who solicits insurance..." - Dorothy Parker
  • Hi Lady-fuschia,I was wondering if the clubcard plus account is 1 of the Tesco credit cards. As I've been thinking of getting a credit card which gives something back when I do shopping get petrol etc. Thought about the Tesco points 1 or 1 which gives back vouchers. Any ideas anyone? I have read the articles but most of them seem to speak about cashback. Whats the best? Sorry to go off topic

    Since joining I have signed up to all the cashback sites.
    I now grudge paying for anything.
    I was watch my budget religiously. There is still a long way to go, but I'm positive about it. x
  • jakjak Forumite
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    I've cancelled BT international option £1 pcm
    Applied for tax rebate as was emergency taxed for ages!
    Cut back on electricity (approx. £10pcm)
    old skool cooking has halved food bill (£20 saved pcm)
    All my bills are up to date and i'm actively re-paying my debts
    I know where every penny goes now
    Selling everything not nailed down

    I'm new at this but even I can see i've taken control of my life and am taking steps in the right direction instead of ignoring the problem!
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    Holiday fund 208.51/3000
  • Angelite: Tesco clubcard plus isn't a credit card (as credit cards are the devil!) its more like a solo card- you pay money into an account and you can then spend that money in store and get double points- but you can't spend mor ethan is actually in the account. There's a thread about it somewhere if I can find it!
    "People who "do things" exceed my endurance,
    God for a man who solicits insurance..." - Dorothy Parker
  • jakjak Forumite
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    Part of the Furniture 1,000 Posts Name Dropper
    Oh I forgot, I also look on teletext for the TV listings and not buy the paper. My friend gives me her heat magazine so I don't have to buy it.

    Basically...I don't go out or shop if I can help it.

    Vouvhers: Got £2 off at Asda yesterday, got 2 lg bags rolls (freezer) fish fingers, freezer bags and ham. Cost 9p!!! Was so chuffed!
    Emergency fund 50/3000
    Holiday fund 208.51/3000
  • I've not done much so far but I'm thinking about my spending every day and I know I have already altered my spending habits hugely.

    • Created a realistic budget
    • Opened an Alliance & Leicester bank account
    • Set up transfers to different accounts to piggybank money
    • Keep a spending diary
    • Make pack lunches (nearly every day, I'm working on this)
    • Gained a lot more positivity about every aspect of my life

    I still have to put into action the great advice given to me when I posted my SOA. Your replies have given me even more food for thought. Thanks everyone :T
    "Tomorrow is always fresh, with no mistakes in it." (Montgomery, L.M.(1908). Anne of Green Gables.)
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  • Since joining this site I have borrowed £1000 on an 0% credit card and used it to pay off the overdraft. I have started shopping in Lidl. Do more cooking from scratch. Bought a breadmaker and bake bread for sandwiches. Do cleaning mostly OS way. Joined Freecycle and got several good things for the house, and joined ReaditSwapit to avoid buying books. Also sold some books on Greenmetropolis. Have just changed energy suppliers. Slowly getting DH on board, and have managed to save a bit for Christmas or emergencies. I'm very grateful for all the help and advice on the site. Its great, and has changed my attitude to money.
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