Problem with radiators

I rent a lovely house with great landlords, but over the last few months, despite the landlords best efforts the radiators in the property have had constant issues. Recently the two radiators in the lounge area weren't heating properly despite heat getting to the pipe leading to the radiator (this was piping hot, but radiator was cold). Landlord called plumber immediately, and to their credit they both spent days trying to solve the problem.

For a day or two it seemed as if their efforts had paid off as the radiators were starting to heat up. Today, however, turned the heating on, but all but 3 of the radiators in the entire house are not heating *at all*, and those that are are only tepid. This is despite the thermostat being cranked up to max.

All the radiators in the house have been aired and the landlord put some kind of solution in to clean any residual build up to help circulation, but this seems to have made things worse, as radiators which were working now aren't :(.

I'm at a loss. The landlord has been beyond helpful, but the situation is still unresolved and I am going to be left with a massive heating bill running into hundreds of pounds run up in an attempt to keep the house above freezing.

Anyone have any suggestions, or is it a case (as I suspect) of just waiting for the landlord to call the plumber again and see what happens?


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