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MSE News: Rents fell in December but expected to climb again

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This is the discussion thread for the following MSE News Story:

"The average rent fell by 1.2% during the month, dropping to £684 from the record high it reached in November ..."



  • tbs624tbs624 Forumite
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    Isn't this a bit of a "non story" ?

    LLs with vacant properties will often reduce the first month's rent to entice a new T in and make sure that voids are kept to a minimum. December is notoriously slow for re-lets and we also had the extreme weather across the country.

    As for rent rises, experienced LLs know that it's far better to retain a reliable T for a longer period, even if that means forgoing annual rent increment.s

    Probably of more interest are the accounts of increased rent arrears, a situation which is likely to worsen as unemployment rises and LHA cuts are brought in.
  • i agree tbs624 hardly anyone moves in December, so i can imagine l/l dropping rent slightly to confirm a tenancy during december. Shot back up in jan though, when every one starts moving again.
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    tbs624 wrote: »
    Isn't this a bit of a "non story" ?

    Agree with this.

    I like the bit that says this reduction "is the first one since January last year." That is, this happens every year.
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