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paying regualry, more than minimum payment and they still send me a default notice:

hey all MSE forum users!
Ive got a duet card (store card from pilot clothes store) and somehow it got over its limit.
The balance on it 848.29, the limit is £300, so im currently £593.29 over.
Ive been paying £90 per 4 weeks for months now, and the balance is coming down slowly, but i was on a payment plan, and when i rang them to continue the plan, but wanted to increase the payments from £4 per month, to what it is now at £90 per 4 weekly, instead of altering the repayment plan, they have cancelled it without my knowledge. Therefore, im getting £20 a month overlimit fee.
Ive just rang them to enquire why they have sent me a default notice when a) im on a plan, b) im paying double my minimum payment a month, and c) not missed a payment for over 18 months.
He replied that i wasnt on a plan and hasnt been sine august, which was when i rang them originally and asked them to alter the amount i paid on their system.
The have offered to put me back on the plan, but i need to pay £141 per month now, and i cant understand how when i missed a few payments they were happy for me to pay them £4 a month, now they want an extra £50 per month, and if i dont ill get a default.
Is this fair...
i dont think i can afford an extra £50, but i also dont want the default sigma on my credit file either.....

does anyone have any ideas on what i can do?

many thanks


  • KingElvis
    KingElvis Posts: 4,100 Forumite
    Hi Laura, slounds like you're in a bit of a pickle.

    Fact is though, as you've had to negotiate a payment plan, you are technically in default anyway and the damage is already most likely already done.

    I would just tell them how much you can afford to pay and let them digest that.
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  • Tixy
    Tixy Posts: 31,455 Forumite
    By going over the limit you have broken the terms of the original agreement - so they could have issued a default notice before now (even when you had come to an informal agreement with them).

    Actually then would be in their rights to say they will give you default unless you bring it back under limit within 14days.
    Have you done a proper detailed budget to see how much you can afford each month?
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  • LauraLeah91104
    thanks for that. when i originally rang up to set up a payment plan, they told me to pay £1 per week and i set up a standing order through my online banking. They told me if i paid more or didnt pay, it would automicallt cancel the plan. So when i started working again, i rang them and asked if i could increase the amount i paid and say on the plan, only because with the balance been so high, paying £4 a month wasnt going to see the balance paid off this side of 50 years!
    They told me that i could increase it without it affecting the plan because id informed them first, so nievely id believed them.
    Instead of altering the plan, they have actaully cancelled it, so straight away they hit me with an over limit fee of £20.
    My minimum payment a month is only £35, so im paying £90 at present, so the balance is coming down slowly, but i really dont want a default notice, but i dont want to skint myself by another £50 per month.
    The only good thing would be ive worked out that if i could afford the £141 a month, the balance would be cleared in less than 8 months, as after 5 months of payments the balance would be lower than the limit, to the £20 fee wouldnt be added and the interest would be alot lower. it would only take me 8 months to clear it.
    I could pick up extra hours at work, but ill end up paying more tax, so i probably end up with less money each month, so id be worse off....
    i cant seem right for doing wrong, even though i want to do right and get my debt cleared, ive only got this one to clear and i can be officially debt free.....seems so long away!
  • KingElvis
    KingElvis Posts: 4,100 Forumite
    If you've still got any of the clothes / goods why not sell them on Fleabay and stick the cash towards getting shot of the debt?
    "We want the finest wines available to humanity, we want them here, and we want them now!"
  • blue_monkey_2
    blue_monkey_2 Posts: 11,435 Forumite
    Or call them and go back to the £1 a month agreement, save the rest of the money (maybe put it on a prepay debit card and do not take it out with you) and when you have enough to pay it in one hit, do so and clear the debt.

    If they have frozen the interest on the debt but have started again applying interest because the agreement has been cancelled, that would be your best option. Maybe call them and tell them you did not get past the trial period so are now unemployed again.
  • Hax
    Hax Posts: 890 Forumite
    i really dont want a default notice

    Have you checked your credit file? There's a chance that it will already contain late payment markers and/or "arrangement to pay" markers...
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