Lloyds TSB Hassles

I'm just looking for a little advice (and maybe encouragment too lol)

Here's the sorry tale...

My dad has a Lloyds TSB credit card and even though they moved out of Northern Ireland a while ago, my mum, who deals with all this for him, has been paying the £7 fee asked for by the bank she pays this through , The First Trust.

Anyway, I've tried to get them to sort out another method of payment, but they are stuck in their ways.

Anyway, in October they paid as normal and as normal, got a receit for it.

Lloyds TSB say they never got it. The First Trust dont deny they have lost it. Yet they still havent sorted it out with Lloyds TSB by actually paying it. We have been on to both, although more The First Trust. Lloyds actually said they where good payers when mum and dad spoke to them and that it wasnt their fault. Still sent out a horrible letter though.

My mum and dad keep getting letters saying that they havent paid their late fees and these are getting higher. They have been threatened with a collection agency. My mum was diagnosed with Lung cancer in May and all this has come in the middle of her treatment and is stressing her out considerably.

Who should we be dealing with? The bank who lost the money or Lloyds? To be honest I feel my mum and dad should be compensated for this hassle. They have enough to be worried about. They didnt need any of this. I'm thinking of going down to the First Trust bank tomorrow and trying to sort all this out. Is there anything i could use to ensure they treat this a little more seriously than they have been? Any info that I could use?


  • xkittyxcatx
    Have you checked that then sort code, account number and reference on the receipt match the correct details and previous receipts? By doing it over the counter they rely on the cashier keying the details correctly. Do they used the preprinted paying in slips?

    When you go to First Trust take the receipt, it will give them the date and time. I would have thought either First Trust tried to pay it to the wrong details and it bounced back to them and they have it in a suspense account, possible the suspense account of the branch. Or they paid it to the wrong details and Lloyds received it but couldn't allocate it so they have it in a suspense account. Both sides should be able to raise a trace on the payment because the receipt should have the details it was paid to on it.
  • Caffre
    The receipt was taken down to the First Trust and they photocopied it and said they'd get it sorted and call us the next day to let us know it was all sorted (this was early last week) but as of yet, nothing except another bill from Lloyds with another £12 added to the bill. The bill is prepayed slips and it is stamped by the cashier.

    Thanks for getting back. You've given me the technical side of what they do and knowledge is power and maybe a cashier just typed the wrong number or something. Hopefully this is all sorted out soon.

    Thanks again! x
  • xkittyxcatx
    How did you get on? The other thing to mention, not sure about Lloyds is that some payments like that go to a general sort code and account number, then the bank has to process this payment onto the individual account, usually identified by having the card number as the reference. So if the reference is wrong, or missed then again Lloyds can't allocate it.

    I would try and make the payment to bring it up to date while they find it though. It's more hassle having a credit file amended afterwards.
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