PC doesn't recognise new CD?

Hi All,

First of all, sorry if this is the wrong place to post this but I wasn't sure where else to put it.

Today I bought a CD (Matt Cardle's single) which is the first CD I've bought in a very long time as I usually download songs I like, and iTunes imported it but then it wouldn't play. It also won't play using Nokie OVI or Windows Media Player (it says it's playing, so that the pause button highlights instead of the play button, but then nothing happens). But a hi-fi CD player plays it with no problems. Has anyone else experienced this? Not something I've ever come across before and would be very grateful for some help as I only ever listen to music on my iPod!


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    Your computer is saying buy better music :p only joking, sort of lol

    My brother had a problem with a cd album, it recognised it, but was fuzzy, worked on mine though. Why don't you take it back for a replacement, or get someone else to see if it works on their pc.
  • Hi Sharon, I know, I was waiting for someone to comment on the choice of music :D. My other half tried it on his laptop and it wouldn't work on there either, but the hi-fi plays it, so can it be faulty?
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    Hi ya. Sounds like it could be a format code problem. First give the CD a real good clean and also check for imperfections on playing surface. Avoid getting fingerprints on playing surface. If it still does not play take it back for a refund.

    If you are feeling really naughty get hold of db poweramp music converter which you can get on most file shareing sites. Then with that soft ware rip the CD and make yourself a new copy. Then take it back to the shop for a refund. You get the cash back and you have a free copy of the album!! :beer:
  • Hi all, thanks for your help. Of course I'm quite happy to have paid for the CD, otherwise I wouldn't have bought it, but I would like to know whether the problems I am having mean it is faulty in some way or what, I've never experienced this problem before with any CD and it is pretty much useless to me if I can't play it in iTunes or convert the music to MP3 in some other way....

    Thanks again
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    If in doubt just take it back and exchange it, then see what happens.
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  • Yes, I could do, I just thought I'd see whether it's a common problem or if anyone knows why it is happening.
  • By the way, does anyone know whether I have to take it back to the same branch of Tesco that I bought it from, or whether I can take it to any Tesco supermarket? Thanks!
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    By the way, does anyone know whether I have to take it back to the same branch of Tesco that I bought it from, or whether I can take it to any Tesco supermarket? Thanks!

    If your taking it back for an exchange it would be best taking it back to any Tesco store which has the single in stock.
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    Have you ever considered checking the CD-rom your using? Maybe the lenses are very dirty and needs to be cleaned. It is not always the cd's fault no matter how bad it's content. :-p
  • Yes, it seems it is my CD-rom, I don't think it's dirty, it's just always been temperamental (and i-Tunes says that the CD-Rom software is missing and that I should re-install iTunes but it used to work anyway and re-installing it made no difference to the error message on opening iTunes), as I bought another CD more recently and had the same problem; both worked fine on my friend's PC. Thought I'd buy the CDs as they were the same price as the downloads, not a wise decision it seems :-D

    Thanks for your help.
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