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January 2011 Grocery Challenge

edited 29 December 2010 at 11:09AM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • mrs-moneypennymrs-moneypenny Forumite
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    minnie2 soory to hear you have a funeral to attend sending you condolences and i hope you find something suitable to wear.

    updated my sig as i had a couple of sends at mrT this morning fruit and a few bits

    hm veggie pasta bake fr tea tonight
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  • wssla00wssla00 Forumite
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    Evening all :) Well... I have just finished cleaning out my cupboards and I can't believe how much is in there! FIVE packs of pasta and the same of rice..... I think I will be stocked up for a long while! Also DH seems to have infiltrated my cupboards with supernoodles..... He seems to think of them as one of his five a day LOL

    It's the last day of my challenge so am definitely under but will declare it properly tomorrow! Have a shop coming tomorrow for next month and have got a few bits that are easy to cook as I can see that next month is going to be busy!

    Minnie2 sending you my thoughts- funerals are so difficult!

    Anyway, I'm off to have a wee think about all the yummy lunches I can make from the cupboard ingredients. Have a good day all :)
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  • Well my shopping arrived...£116.41. But that is until the end of the month, and I stocked up on nappies whilst they are on offer, and does include formula/ cleaning stuff it leaves me with 35.59 left! As I was putting it away I noticed a couple of vital things I missed, like chopped tomatoes, and I will need to get some milk, but its dooable I think..!
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  • So cross with myself. Stupidly bought a sandwich today for £2.30. I'd eaten everything I took into work today (cereal, 2 cup-a-soups,crisps, carrot & celery sticks, twinks hobnobs), but I was still starving. My appetite is huge after giving up smoking 2 months ago:D.

    Also had to change my meal plan a bit tonight. Still waiting for a delivery from BB4L. Ordered it last weds night, they've had the money from my account, and it's still not here. Need it now as have almost run out of bread and have ordered shed loads of bread mix. I resent having to pay £1.25 for a loaf.

    Right, off to see what picnic I can make for myself for tomorrow at work :rotfl:
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  • Hi all, well it hasnt been easy to fight the lure of the supermarket bargains, BUT it is definitely satisfying driving home after work and NOT swinging into the supermarket. I even went to the local shop for ham and kidney beans, but that morning i had written a mlist of things we were gettin low on and I decided I would be lured into buying other things so I just went to local for the 2 things i actually needed!!
    I went to lidl for the last shop as I knew I could get everything on my list and wouldnt be tempted to buy the offers if they werent there, there were a few just not endless aisles with offers.
    I am going to order a fruit and veg box which will be delivered on sunday so to be used for next week, a welsh farm delivers to my area so will be pleased to be supporting localish business and hopefully this will help my challenge,help me plan my meals and stop me popping to shops for fruit and veg. Will see.

    I am half way thru my challenge and kinda half way thru my budget, I know if i carry on budgeting and planning I can do this !!
    Life happens when you are busy making other plans ;)

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  • Evening All,

    Just popping on to update my spends. Had a right drama with As*a online delivery (had a delivery booked, went on to amend it as I forgot apples, lost my delivery slot, booked another, ended up with 2 deliveries of exactly the same shopping, got that sorted then checked my delivery note & non of my offers had been applied, another 30mins on the phone to get money refunded):mad:

    Anyway, I had to nip to MrT's to grab some puff pastry, I am planning on attempting to make a pie with LO chicken, any pointers would be greatly appreciated!:think: Ended up picking up toilet rolls (would have needed them next week anyway) and 5 rolls of xmas wrapping paper for 75p. Also got some sliced beef whoopsied from £3.85 to £1.05. This has now been split into double slices (8 in total) and frozen. That is 4 ploughmans lunches for me t take to work so happy with that.:D

    I now have 50.32 left to last me the rest of this week and all of next. That is more than doable as I have everything in for meals, freezer full of bread and milk and loads of packed lunch things in so will only need fruit & veg. Even my 2 fruit bins couldn't eat £50's woth of f&v, surely:rotfl:

    I have found I am eating like there is no tomorrow at the moment:o I gave up smoking last week thanks to champix tablets but good god they make me hungry. Problem is I have about 2 stone to lose so it really is not helping my waistline:( Never mind, I will just have to get through the next couple of weeks (ment to be the hardest) then I will tackle the weight issue. ;)

    Well waffled on for long enough so will shoot off and update sig. Can I just say thanks to everyone who posts, I have really enjoyed our 'virtual conversations' and have picked up loads of tips and tricks to mke the pennies spread, thanks you:A

    Just little old me!
  • So I am at the end of my first 4 week period... I had £160 for this period and my total spend was £159.33!

    So my spend to date for 2011 is £159.33 please MrsMcawber!

    My next 4 week period (21.01.11 - 17.02.11) will be £220.
    We spend money we don't have, on things that we don't need, to impress people we don't like. I don't and I'm happy!
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  • toddles*toddles* Forumite
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    morning all
    just updating my signature. Had £38 spend at Mr M yestderday.
    Nice tip- go supermarket shopping when you have morning sickness. you dont buy anything!! :rotfl:

    off on me hols on Friday with my DP and little girl cannot wait. Its going to be freezing but Grrrrreat!! :D
    Happy days
  • well i think ive worked out i have spent £190 so far, have a tesco delivery today which i think should be £100 so will leave me £60 for the next 10 days...should be able to manage that...shouldnt i?
    Have a Bsc Hons open degree from the Open University 2015 :j:D:eek::T
  • Hi guys.

    I am currently joining all relevant challenges in the hope that I can make the right changes, I know exactly what I need to do but never seem to actually do it lol

    So I am going to join the grocery challenge. My task is to ensure that I buy enough groceries for lunches at work as well as dinners etc.

    My Feb challenge actually starts tomorrow as its payday but it doesnt make a great deal of difference as its a weekly amount (averaged out over 4 weeks around payday)

    Target £37.50 a week

    Any underspends after the 4 weeks is up will be put in the wedding fund. Travel costs are not included but I intend to get a bus home whenever my arms will let me so that I can save on the taxi fare

    Thanks guys, i cant wait to try out some recipes!

    gotl x
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