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Virgin TV

Ok so I have a Virgin bundle - tv, phone, internet etc, when I signed up I went for the smallest package which says the tv is M+ (meant to get extra channels like GOLD etc), well I was with this package originally at my last house and never had these channels, never queried it as I didnt watch a huge amount of tv back then - however at my new property on the same package I now have GOLD etc but I keep getting pop-ups now saying that as of Jan the channel is going back to the M+ package and I have to upgrade if I want to keep it - so heres the thing am I actually on the right package, are Virgin ripping me off? I know definatly at my last house when it said channels were reverting then they definatly disappeared. Im a bit miffed as the M+ package for TV seems to be the smallest they do anyway?
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    The smallest package available to new customers (or downgraders) is M+ but some customers are still on M if they've had it a while.
    The only list of channels I can find is by pressing M at the top of (and you still get all the premium channels like movies and sports listed there but not things like GOLD)

    The UK channels like GOLD are on M+ but only having a freeview period on M. Sometimes everyone gets the messages about free channels but they only disappear if you really aren't on the package.

    Hope that helps.
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