Stupid Credit Card Default...HELP!

I was off sick from work with depression for 4 months, had a really rough time with it and i'm still seeing a counsellor. As sick pay isn't very much everything just went on credit card and i was paying it off at the end of the month with what i had in sick pay.

unfortunately i went over the credit limit, it wasnt because i had purchased something but because the interest had go onto the credit card as well as the payment protection insurance. I have never missed a payment ever but when i went over the limit it was on the 30th of the month and therefore carried through to the next month and now i have 2 defaults. I havent used my Credit card since!!!

This was a few months ago now and last week i went to sort it with my bank, i tried explaining that it was the interest going out that made me go over the credit limit and that i didn't think i should have 2 for the one incident, the women just said "that's what happens with credit cards" Obviously no help!

My credit card is with natwest. I Spoke to my cousin who works at britannia/co-operative building society, she works in arrears and says that they don't give people defaults until the 3rd incident.

How can i get this removed? I was very ill at the time and these 2 defaults are stopping me from moving on with my life, i can't get a house with them on!!! Really need someones advise!


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    I have always been good with my money and always paid on time etc and had a good credit rating however last month due to an oversight I paid my cc 2 days late and got a default charge which I was horrified about. I contacted the credit card company directly and got them to remove the default as they looked at my account and saw that due to being a good customer and always paying on time usually they felt that they could remove it. So, perhaps contacting cc direct as sometimes the people in the bank are not always that helpful.

    Hope this helps

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    If we are talking late payments (not defaults) just ring up the cc and ask if they will refund the charge......if they refuse,thats the end of the matter.............move on.A few late payments should not affect you getting a mortgage.
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