What would you pay to turn the world green?

Poll Title: Poll Started 30 October 2006: What would you pay to turn the world green? This week's 'Stern Report' says as well as the damage to the planet, unless we tackle the environment it'll cost the world £3,680 billion (20% of the world's wealth). Yet to fix the problem would cost just 1% of the world's income each year. My back of the envelope calculaton is that if this was all through income tax, we'd each need to pay 4p in the pound more. What would you be willing to pay?

A. Forget that, I want taxes cut
B. Nothing
C. 1p in the pound
D. 2p in the pound
E. 3p in the pound
F. The full 4p in the pound

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  • snafflersnaffler Forumite
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    I do not think cash penalties are the way to go, I think legal action against ungreen companies are to blame, large office blacks who leave lights on at night should be closed down if they refuse to switch off.

    Street Lights should be change to sensor activated, al electrical appliances should be now made with NO option for standby at all. its either off or on.

    Many more things along these lines would have a greater impact and very quickly.

    Also fly tippers should have their driving license suspended for a min 5 years and their vehicle crushed.

    Also any vehicle now produced should be as a start no more powerful than 1100.
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    If you give the tree huggers an inch today they will take a mile tomorrow.

    Once any sort of taxation is in place for pollution the amount charged will so easily move up.

    Best to fight against the introduction of any green taxes rather than the amount.

    Obviously those that are well off can afford the taxes while those who don't have much money to begin with will be taxed unfairly.

    Eg. Taxing cars

    - if you tax milage, you simply force poor families to let their kids go to school using public transport or walking. Since people are too soft in the head (i.e. always moaning about protecting human rights) to hang peado's and rapists then they are always at risk hence the reason parents take that extra hour in the morning being stuck in traffic to get their kids to school safely before heading to work. Rich households will continue to use their cars so it only really punishes the poorer family.

    If you tax by the type of car, obviously richer families can afford the taxes to begin with but also afford the newer "greener" cars anyway so get charged less taxes. While poor families buy cars that are 5 years or more down the cars life cycle anyway so will be taxed for not having the funds to buy the "greener" cars so are taxed for it.

    Pointless in trying to save the environment since China and the USA will never agree, so why charge the UK scoiety to fix a problem that will happen without the USA and China agreeing. All it does is delay it by a few years ,while making the UK economy suffer due to money being flushed away on daft Green ideas.

    But if you have to appease the tree huggers, just tax big business for pollution and give incentives and not punishments to local people for being green. Means those families that don't have a choice aren't punished for being poor!
  • teddycoteddyco Forumite
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    This government is about as green as a fire engine! I think people can see that they are using global warming fear to grab more taxes so they can balance their tax and spend policies.
    4p to save the planet, 2p to save the whales, 5p to help the spotted do do bird, when is this nonsense going to end?
    I can think of a list of things that this government could be doing to improve our environment without raising taxes.
    Raising petrol taxes again is not going to stop hard working folks from using their vehicles, it's just going to put everyone in the poor house, so we can waste more money on this black hole NHS.


    - if you tax milage, you simply force poor families to let their kids go to school using public transport or walking. Since people are too soft in the head (i.e. always moaning about protecting human rights) to hang peado's and rapists then they are always at risk hence the reason parents take that extra hour in the morning being stuck in traffic to get their kids to school safely before heading to work. Rich households will continue to use their cars so it only really punishes the poorer family.


    ... I don't think people who drive their kids to school do so to avoid shoals of predatory perverts - they do it because their children are brought up to be too fat and lazy to walk. I suppose I would fall into the category of 'rich' (lol) by this correspondent's standards - but my kids go to their private school by bus, and used to walk to their playgroup and cycle 6 miles to junior school. The only reason they have to go by bus now is that their school is 18 miles away - otherwise it would be shank's pony in all but blizzard conditions.
  • rob2360rob2360 Forumite
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    Green taxes...hmmm. We're already paying "green" taxes. Take fuel duty. 47 pence per litre is tax. Then VAT on the fuel duty, ie 55p.At an average of 10000 miles per year at 30mpg we're all paying about £1000 per year tax (post tax income!). Tax is just tax. This money *could* be used to fund green initiatives, on the other hand G.Brown is staring into a black hole funding deficit. If this government was *really* concerned about green issues it should designate fuel duty to green spend. Perhaps then we might believe it is actually going to do something other than use this issue as an excuse to get yet more money from us.
  • jamtart6jamtart6 Forumite
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    i would be more willing to pay a green tax if they reduced all the other ridiculous taxes. We get barely anything for our income tax, we get hammered on inheritance tax - why? whats it got to do with the government?

    If I really thought the government would do something to reduce the effects of climate change with the money, i'd be happy giving 15p in the pound! But it will all end up in paper work and managers wages, rather than sorting out the problem directly (and paying the climate change researchers a bit more money!!) :D

    :ABeing Thrifty Gifty again this year:A

  • I concur with other posters. If I truly felt that the raising taxes would have any effect, I would not hesitate. But this cannot work for several reasons:
    1) why tax England to the hilt when the US (and I can say that as I'm American) is making no changes? We will be paying high taxes for naught, since we're really only a drop in the bucket. This needs to be a worldwide attempt
    2) Government allocation of funds. If I am taxed 4p per pound for green taxes, I would like to ensure that as much of my 4p is going to environmental issues as possible. If my 4p is lost through government mismanagement and/or red tape, that would make for a very sad Scully's Girl.
    3) Used car market will flood - once they start taxing the larger vehicles (SUV's and so on) the pre-owned car market will flood with models from people trying to keep costs down. This will also force prices down, meaning poorer people will buy these vehicles. Why dont they stop making so many Dang SUV's in the first place, rather then continuing with building as usual? If they increase costs but theyre still being sold, then new and old will still be around. Last time I was in Texas last year I was absolutely gobsmacked by the amount of SUV's. EVERYONE has a gas-guzzling behemoth spitting charred waste into the air. It really is a sight to see.
    4) once again they favor the rich. £2000 isnt alot of money for someone pulling in 6 figures a year, but its the normal Man-on-the-Street who will suffer. We have a term in the Statescalled Soccer Mom: These are the upper class mothers that dont work and bring their one child to school 15 feet from the house using their giant SUV. I see that here too. They should walk. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soccer_mom

    I have no problem paying taxes, but this government has to stop taxing its citizens to the hilt simply because they cant organise themselves internally. Sorry for the rant.
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  • NeoshoegalNeoshoegal Forumite
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    I'm all for making things greener but not by way of taxation.
    I'd love to buy a car that doesn't run on petrol but the infrastructure just isn't there yet and it seems the government is even that interested in pushing ideas like that forward. Instead of taxing fuel, they should push the technology to replace them.

    Same things goes with energy in your home. I like the idea of installing solar panels and such, but the initial cost is too high. Maybe they should introduce a rule that says that every new home that is being build should have something like solar panels.

    I need a car for my job because of the huge amounts of equipment I have to take along and often go to places that are quite remote.
  • Nothing, reward those that don't destroy the planet & it's resources.

    I gave up driving four years ago to cycle and use public transport full time. This was partly for keeping fit, partly for saving money and partly as a positive thing for the planet.
    Okay, people and businesses that use the worlds resources selfishly should be made to clean up their act and pay through the nose until they do.

    I would love to fly all over Europe every weekend, and can afford to do it, but wouldn't due to having a conscience. I maybe fly once or twice a year but mainly take my holidays in the UK or somewhere within reasonable ferry and train costs. I nearly always take my bike so don't destroy the places I visit either.
  • Rationing of Co2 producing activities is the only fair way to go! The exchequer will always grab a little for its pot and taxes will disproportionally affect the poorer members of society! As previously mentioned, the rich will just pay more and moan. Those with less will do without! Technology can cope with organising the rationing and It was managed to a greater or lesser degree in WW2 (1940's). Just don't let anybody to do with government or the civil service be responsible for any computer systems in charge!
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