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Nicky's 40th thread!

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jackomdjjackomdj Forumite
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edited 30 November -1 at 12:00AM in How much have you saved?
I wanted to start my own thread with lots of bits on it ready for 2011!

I am going to be 40 next September & OH will be 40 in May. I have lots of things I want to do before then, some of them will be money saving, some not so!

Firstly I want to lose weight - a lot of weight! My aim is to be down below 11st.
We are putting our house on the market next year, probably around March time. We will be sorting stuff out etc before then (probably a bit of the fly thread coming in to play!) We have outgrown this house, we need somewhere bigger, we have lots of things we want from the new house & right move is my 3rd home (real home is 1st & MSE is 2nd)
I want to go up in a hot air balloon before I reach 40 - will be looking to find a cheap MSE deal as I want OH to come up with me rather than just me.
I want to get fit, at the moment I am quite lazy(!) by the time I put the girls to bed I just want to sit on my bum! I already have my wii fit & a few other wii fitness things which I use occasionally.
I want to start cooking better food for the family. I will be viewing the relevant boards for idea's. I will also start planning more - at the moment I pretty much wing it!!!

That is it for starters. I will update often, probably a lot of it will be drivel, but there may be some gems included.

Come along with me & help me, support me or plain laugh at (or with) me.



  • Good luck!

    I will turn 40 next December.

    The only things i'm doing in 2011 is moving house in (hopefully all going well) late January - to our forever house. And getting married at some point before the big horrible birthday.

    Another Nicky (It must have been a popular name in 1971!)
  • jackomdjjackomdj Forumite
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    A trip to the butchers today, we have a great butcher who makes brilliant pie's & sausages - they cost a bit more than in the supermarket but are so tasty & filling that we don't add much else with it. OH is going to see him on Friday morning to pick up the turkey.

    My Dad called in today, he was on his way home after his final day at work. Final being not just for Christmas but forever as he retires today. I hope he settles into retirement & finds lots to occupy his time & also as he is not used to living at home during the week that it is not too big a change for both my parents!

    I remember there being loads of Nicky's at school, it was very common back in the early 70's! However not so many now as you have Nichola's, Nicola's, Nick, Nik, Nicky, Nikki......but a pain having to spell it out all the time! Hope you have a great year too!
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