'Count the cost of Christmas' poll discussion

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Count the cost of Christmas

How much has this year’s Christmas cost you?

I'm single

I don't celebrate - 160 votes (6%)
Under £50 - 209 votes (8%)
£51-£200 - 849 votes (32%)
£201 - £400 - 779 votes (30%)
£401 - £600 - 331 votes (13%)
£601 - £800 - 136 votes (5%)
£801 - £1,000 - 62 votes (2%)
Over £1,000 - 99 votes (4%)

We're a couple (total cost)

We don't celebrate - 105 votes (4%)
Under £50 - 66 votes (2%)
£51 - £200 - 352 votes (13%)
£201 - £400 - 727 votes (26%)
£401 - £600 - 642 votes (23%)
£601 - £800 - 359 votes (13%)
£801 - £1,000 - 233 votes (8%)
Over £1,000 - 287 votes (10%)

We're a family (adult(s) with kids at home)

We don't celebrate - 180 votes (5%)
Under £50 - 40 votes (1%)
£51 - £200 - 186 votes (5%)
£201 - £400 - 578 votes (15%)
£401 - £600 - 703 votes (18%)
£601 - £800 - 650 votes (17%)
£801 - £1,000 - 527 votes (14%)
Over £1,000 - 953 votes (25%)

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  • Couple, and I'm hazarding a guess we were in the £201-400 region as I spent at least £150 on my family and we don't do joint presents yet.
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  • stevemcol
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    I daren't add it all up. I guessed at 400-600 but I bet it's more. (Couple).
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  • Christmas is a lot cheaper when you don't celebrate it.. although we probably spent a couple of hundred quid on chanukah
  • JodyBPM
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    We're a couple with 2 children, and I put £400-£600. I reckon we come in at about £500, but that includes everything - presents, food, work dos, decorations, wrapping etc etc

    The biggest spend was on presents for the children at about £100 each total, probably £100 for food, £50 between us for work dos, about £130 for all other pressies, and then £20 miscellaneous.

    It sounds like a lot of money when you add it all up, but I'd actually say we're quite frugal compared to many. Given we have two children, two siblings, two sets of parents/grandparents plus friends etc to buy for, I think £500 all in is quite reasonable. And we won't be stinting on anything food/drink wise at Christmas either - we have goose, beef and gammon, plus chocolates, nibbles, etc etc plus a fair few tipples, too!

    All very affordable for us too, paid for out of our monthly spends money over November and December - no debt etc.
  • PasturesNew
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    I'm single. £51-100.

    There are no kids in our family. So I buy just for 5 adults. I also do all the running around for everybody else, getting all their presents together for each other, so have to add in petrol costs there. Tomorrow, for example, I'll be spending about £8 on fuel in the car doing a big Round Robin to visit 3 shops to find/choose/buy various presents to/from all the other family members as the others are either very old, or working.

    My costs are presents for 5 people, buying the turkey and a some of the trimmings and a few items that are only for me. There's no booze, no sweets, no cakes, no goodies, no clothes, no meals out. Xmas is just like a big Sunday dinner + some gifts.

    You can therefore put me down for:
    £50 presents
    £20 food
    £20 fuel
  • Were a family of 5 and spent £1200 so far with a few little bits and the food to go.We both have big familys :cool:
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  • Mobeer
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    Over £2000 - didn't want another Christmas at home without anyone special so off to Russia to see <real> cold weather
  • Three children: presents @ £100 each. Put in another couple of hundred (presents for each other, food, £20 beer (3 packs for £20 from Tesco) and we get into the 400 to 600 bracket. I hope ... I am watching my gas meter go round in horror at the moment. Perhaps some more days out in the local library are called for.

    David (family with 3 children at home)
  • About £1500 for 2 adults and 2 kids main presents. Large pressies for parents as they take no money for babysitting, 12 other small adult presents, 15 small children presents, food, alcohol and parties. Also included in this total is another 4 birthday. No debt accumulated as we both have well paid jobs and this has been planned and being paid for since August. However we had agreed a no adult presents next year for Christmas to help bring this total down further. Large family on my side !!!:rotfl:
  • £548.85 for a couple with one almost five year-old child (his birthday is Christmas Day, but the £100 for his birthday is a separate budget).

    £269.49 of that is on presents (£80 for DS, £30 per adult).

    £279.36 is on other things: food (we're hosting Christmas Day this year so we're splashing out on a decent turkey and ham from the butcher), drinks (Christmas is always the time to stock up the drinks cupboard), crafty bits for making and wrapping presents etc.

    This is the first year I've had a proper budget and have been saving up over the year, but it's still come to a fair bit more than I expected. So I'll be upping the monthly savings for it next year, because I do not want to have to stint on Christmas. :-)
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