Virgin Credit card interest rates


I had taken a virgin credit with 15 months BT at 0%. BT got expired in Nov 2010, after that the interest rates were reverted to 18.6% which i do not have a problem.
After a month they sent me a letter saying my rates were going up to 27% from 18.6%, i called tham and asked to opt out, which they did.
I was looking at my statement and found the estimated interest rate to be 85.96 pounds for next month (outstanding 5248 pounds).
I have paid 71.4 pounds for the previous month.
When i called them, they told me the interest is high because, they are 35 days between this month and next month. they told me this will not happen again.

Please let me know if i can trust them?



  • get it Balance transfered and pay it off..
    check your statement dates and count the days,

    I've had an mbna virgin credit card for years, I always pay minimum balance by DD and repay within the 0% offer period, i get offers every 6 months and only ever use it when offers come up, at the moment 0% on purchases £250+ until Nov 2010 if purchased before end january or under £250 till August 2010, so been usefull to buy some bigger household furniture
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    The annoying thing I find with Virgin CCs is on the statement it breaks down the interest to a monthly equivalent so it's not very clear what the APR is unless you multiply it by 12 of course!
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