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How important is a garage?



  • jackomdjjackomdj Forumite
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    single garage at a minimum for a house that size. As previous posters have mentioned in a family house you need storage for all the outside things that families amass - or in my case all the boys toys that grown men have! We are looking to move next year & a double garage is one of our requirements, mostly for OH & a mini bit for the children!
  • MogletMoglet Forumite
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    i'd be lost without mine and would never buy a large family house without a garage

    I expect your username and avatar give your reason for a garage away. :D

    A garage is very important to us but we don't have one and have to make do with a lockup for our bikes.

    Personally I don't like it when I see houses that have converted their garages.
  • DUTRDUTR Forumite
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    I would not buy a house without a useable garage.
  • PasturesNewPasturesNew Forumite
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    Garages are essential... my perfect house would have a double garage with extra depth so the rear end could be used for good storage too.
  • We've kept the front 8 feet or so of our garage, and have converted the rear into an office, with a window in the side of the house. It's important to us for storage, so 8 feet is fine. As it's a newish house, it was never going to be adequate for a garage anyway.
  • GeenieGeenie Forumite
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    All the houses where I live of 4/5 bedroom size don't have a garage!! But they have a decent drive to park their cars on.

    It has not put people off buying as prices are high where I live, but you need to factor in storage space outside. This isn't for cars but all of the other stuff we need to store out of the house. So invest in a good size shed would be my advice, as this is what men store their lawn mowers and train sets etc. ;) Good luck OP. :)

    "Life is difficult. Life is a series of problems. What makes life difficult is that the process of confronting and solving problems is a painful one." M Scott Peck. The Road Less Travelled.
  • Eric1Eric1 Forumite
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    chris8 wrote: »
    House been on market over a year now, was sold, fell thru, couple of offers not accepted by us. Am now fed up of showin people round. There was little negative feedback but a couple of people said that for a 4/5 bed house they would have expected more space downstairs...
    and a garage, of course. These people won't come back if you convert the garage.
    On the other hand, serious buyers may deduct the cost from their maximum offer and then convert the garage to their own taste.
  • diablediable Forumite
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    A garage or a shed is where you hide your husband away when you invite your friends around........
  • getmore4lessgetmore4less Forumite
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    The move to integral garage is the problem

    Big upstairs over smaller downstairs no way round this.

    Extend a sun/garden room that is usable all year round

    Why can't you create something where the parking is?
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    tyllwydtyllwyd Forumite
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    We've got a 4-bed house with off-road parking for two/three cars and a big garden with three sheds, one as big as a small garage (and plenty of room for more sheds if you were so inclined). I do worry that the lack of a garage is putting people off from viewing when they are looking at details on rightmove, although if they came they would see there was plenty of room for storage, just not storing a car! So I'd say if you are trying to sell, I'd be slow to lose a garage.
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