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BT Quadrupling BB speed for free - others may follow!

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BT Quadrupling BB speed for free - others may follow!

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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Broadband & Internet Access
Sorry had to copy the article as it's only available on my login

BT Broadband customers go four times faster for free 10:05AM
As widely expected BT is to provide free speed upgrades for its broadband customers. However, many observers and rivals have been surprised that the company has chosen to quadruple the broadband speeds. The great majority of its 512Kbit customers will soon be connected at 2Mbit
Starting from next Thursday (17th February), BT will begin to increase the speeds of most new and existing consumer customers to up to 2 Mb. Those on the capped BT Broadband Basic service costing £17.99 will have their speed increased from 512kKbit up to 1 Mbit.

Around 5 per cent of customers who are too far away from the exchange will not be upgraded. Furthermore, according to BT, there will also be a small proportion of customers who will only be upgraded to between 512Kbit and 2Mbit for similar reasons.

BT says that the actual dates are dependent on when BT Wholesale upgrades the exchanges but says that 95 per cent of its customers should see their speed increase by July.
Earlier this week AOL announced a similar free upgrade for its customers. However, AOL`s equivalent Gold service, the same as BT Retail's standard broadband package at £24.99 is only upgraded to 1Mbit. Other ISPs are now expected to follow suit.

Other ISP's are likely to follow suit which is good news all round unless you're a long way from the exchange.
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