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Vodka Jelly, how the dickens do you make it?

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  • pollyanna24pollyanna24 Forumite
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    I do know if you put too much in, it's hard to eat! And it doesn't set properly.

    However, if you make it right (like I did once), you'll find your dad guzzling it at 1am on a Saturday morning not realising what he was eating!
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  • point3point3 Forumite
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    Here's the science bit...alcohol has a lower melting and boiling point than water. To get your vodka jellies to set then, try less alcohol and more water (but keep the total amount of liquid the same) and try putting them in the freezer rather than the fridge. :)

    Having said that, the last ones we tried still turned out gloopy - too much vodka methinks :o
  • thankyou all, you stars!!Like the idea of putting jellysweets in, might do that pavlovsdog, thankyou- see if i can find some jelly eyeballs or maybe worms, am going to pour the cooled jelly into shot glasses ready for eating/drinking? Going to attempt to make it tonight, as its on my "to do before day of party" list, and I'm so anal I almost live by lists. Hey ho, here's to getting merry on jelly!!I'll let you all know how I get on!! Thanks again!! ( will thank properly on home pc- works won't let me thank?)
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  • mrs_bagginsmrs_baggins Forumite
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    I once had a house party and got a little drunk and so guests were helping themselves to ice cubes from the freezer and adding them to drinks. What i couldnt tell them was that it wasntfrozen water but bottles of white wine i had frozen for some reason or other in the ice cube trays! Everyone was very merry at the end of the night!
  • dannahazdannahaz Forumite
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    I've just had a look in my fabulous Vodka Cookbook, by JOhn Rose. I'm assuming it's OK for me to post this recipe because I am fully crediting the source.
    110g (4oz) strawberry jelly, 225ml Vodka (He actually uses lemon peel vodka, but i'm sure it doesn't matter).

    Mix jelly with 450ml (16floz) boiling water, as packet instructions
    Stir in half the vodka, pour into a 12x20 tin. Refrigerate until firm (about 4 hours)
    Dip the bottom of the tin in warm water for 15 secs, then cut the set gelatine into 1 inch squares
    Serve in chilled martini glasses.

    There are no instructions on what to do with the other half of the vodka, so I don't know if its an error or if you just drink it!
  • Yo!
    Just thought I'd post to let you know how I got on with me Vodka Jelly following on from my post for help. I melted the jelly in the microwave and added 1/3 vodka, and just under 2/3 cold water. Ater inspiration from Pavlovs Dog, I popped a jelly baby in each shotglass,then filled with jelly mix. Day after all done! Let me tell you they went down a storm. Here comes the kick.The jelly tasted fine, so went down a treat, but, that was 'cos the greedy jelly baby drank all the vodka!!:p Choice was let it all slip down your throat, as exectued by one of my brothers, or as I chose, neck the jelly but chew the baby!!:eek: It was well strong!! :T I managed 2 but my pig of a sis had three and nearly barfed the last baby back up:rotfl: :rotfl:
    All in all they went down a storm!! Give it a go, its a great talking point!!:beer: Thanks to all those that offered help too:beer:
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  • chardonnay_2chardonnay_2 Forumite
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    sounds fab
    :love: married to the man of my dreams! 9-08-09:love:
  • V.LuckyV.Lucky Forumite
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    One of those jelly worms that Haribo do is good in the middle of them too instead of the jelly baby.
  • Hi, im having a halloween party too, and i was gonna try vodka jelly..but looking at this forum,its not as easy as i thought:rolleyes:.. im gonna put my jelly in oranges,made to look like little pumpkins,wiv squashed up vodka jelly in it looks like i dont suppose it matters much if it dont set right:j happy halloween:beer:
  • mrsdarbsmrsdarbs Forumite
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    My friends and I love vodka jelly and it is made with enthusiasm every birthday/wedding or other celebration lol!

    Glad it went down well!
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