Anyone know if the 5 and 8 year bonus for blokes that joined before 2004 are still running. Been told yes and no by different people, both clerks so yea ..awesome.


  • Yes it's still going and yes you can get paid it, lengths of qualifying years service are dependant on which of the three services you are in.

    If you find time look at JSP 754 Chapter 7.
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  • They sure are, my husband joined in 2003 and we just got ours this month x
  • phoned jpac support line confirmed that im entitled to 2.5 k plus a 2.5 k uplift = £5000. its a shame the clerk and fsa cant work it out, even though ive printed out the relevant jsp chapters to show them. they filled in the wrong form for me to sign. so they gonna look at it again. which will take them till after xmas to do. it only took me 7 minutes to find out.
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