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wasn't sure whether to put in debt free or credit cards.

anyways just wanted some advice please.. barclaycard are being a pain at the moment

my partner owes about 9k on his card, we're having lots of problems at the moment basically due to my disability house we lived in no longer visable so had to be moved as was unsafe for myself and his own health to continue living there but we are struggling to sell our house so now have burden of mortgage and rent as well as bills for both places, my partner works roughly gets 900 every 4 weeks, i also work from home which is handy due to disability but after moving have now had my hours slashed from averaging 40 a week down to 30 a week not what we needed as we are trying to stay afloat.

anyways barclay card rang the other week kept pestering him on work number, no idea how got it as never given but a few of his debts been ringing there lately. he spoke to the bloke explained situation they want full balance and given week to sort then said would ring back to discuss arrangements if cant pay, he told them there n then he could not pay full balance but insisted on giving him a week.

They phoned back yesterday but he couldnt speak due to being at work so they phoned him back today, he told them that he cant pay full balance and asked bout payment plan.. they said wont accept or do a payment plan and given him til 3:30pm friday to ring back to discuss arrangements!! but how can he make arrangements if they wont take a payment plan?

with my hour cut and all the bills now our income is slashed big time i'm basically losing a weeks wages a month and after trying to sort ourselves out for better this is now a big blow.

any guidance or info be helpful


  • Tixy
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    I would stop speaking to them on the phone, when they ring he should refuse to confirm ID details so they cannot talk to him about the account. And you can send a letter asking for all phone calls to stop and all future communication to be done in writing (obviously make sure they have the current address).

    Is this his only debt? If so work out an income & expenditure account to work out how much he can afford to pay. If its less than the minimum payment then write to them explaining the change in situation (you've had to move house and there has been a drop in household income due to reduced hours). He should then set out a monthly amount he can afford to pay and then make arrangements to pay this each month. They will cancel his card and will likely issue a default which will affect his credit record (and you if you have joint financial products) but if he cannot make payments then there may be no other option.

    If he has other debts then he may be better off taking advice from one of the debt charities.

    If you think these problems are short-term and expect to be able to sell the house soon (and then go back to paying the full rate) then you could explain this in the letter and see if they will allow 6months at a reduced rate without issuing a default - sometimes card companies will agree to something like this depending on the full financial details and the circumstance.
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    thanks for advice its been on going for a while usual stuff cards been cancelled ages but they only just starting to contact us... from what i gather barclaycard are not the quickest to deal with debt i know few people in sim situations as them but despite writing etc never get a response until they get round to you whch seems to of taken ages.

    he and myself have quite a bit of debt we're ridded outselves of most of the small ones so we can pay more on bigger ones but now with hour cut and situation it turning hard again, once house sold frees up a lot cos mortgage is over 650 a month compared to rent now of 250 month. we have written to the debts offered payments etc but no one seems willing to give us a break if you know what i mean.

    i know the debts our own fault but numerous knock ons effected us partner changed jobs 3 times each time taking wage cut due to my disability as needed to be nearer home etc
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