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    Oh wow thank you @redlaces, I can't believe I helped you with the last stretch of your marathon, but glad that I could! I'm hoping to join the debt free roll of honour in 2025, if not sooner.

    That's a whopper of a debt cleared @spendaholic! I feel so proud and happy for you, and very inspired! And you shaved 9 years of your debt free date as well 🎉. Congratualtions. I'll have to check out Martin's book.

    You paid that off rather swiftly @DeeDee_5by5, congratulations! Stepchange and MSE are worth their weight in gold. And I don't blame you, I won't be touching credit cards again either once I finally get rid of mine... 😬.
    Debt Free Diary:- The Mental Debt Struggle
    Debt Tracking Restart Take 3 from 01/05/2023 = £23,643.30 (8 creditors) So, on 10/02/2024 = £14,193.30/£23,643.30 (2 creditors) = 60.03% repaid Aiming to be Debt Free = 31/12/2025
    THE BURDEN RESTART TRACKER:- Bank of Mum 3 - school fees (£3,350/£3,800) 88.16% repaid || Barclaycard (£5,166.23/£14,166.23) 36.47% repaid
    🎉 TUI (£2,276.04/£2,276.04) 100% repaid || Bank of Mum 1 - car (£150/£150) 100% repaid || Bank of Mum 2 - family holiday (£300/£300) 100% repaid || MBNA (£875/£875) 100% repaid || Creation (£1,070/£1,070) 100% repaid || Sky Mobile (£1,006.03/£1,006.03) 100% repaid 🎉
    (Original Debt on 15/07/2016 was £33,056.76) 🙈
    2024 SAVINGS:- Emergency Fund (£105.06/£1,000) 10.51% saved || #5 50 Envelope Challenge 3/50
    2024 CHALLENGES:- #30 Debt Free by Xmas 2024 (£670/£6,750) 9.93% repaid ~ Q1 Target £670/£1,350 (49.63% repaid) || Debt Buster Overpayment Pot £0/£250 (0% debt neutral) || #9 100 Steps to Debt Free 9/100 steps || February 2024 Grocery Challenge £27.66/£250
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    Thanks, guys! It's been a long road, but good to get there in the end - and early!

    Keedie said:
    That's a whopper of a debt cleared @spendaholic! I feel so proud and happy for you, and very inspired! And you shaved 9 years of your debt free date as well 🎉. Congratulations. I'll have to check out Martin's book.
    You're doing great yourself, @Keedie. And you had a bit of a whopper yourself! Keep going. 

    What helped me get there early was trimming some of the debts as they grew smaller and calling up, asking for a full and final settlement figure. They'll usually trim 10% off there and then, especially if you already have a debt management agreement with them. But if you have a figure in mind, make them an offer and they'll come back to you. Then, once the debt was gone, I went into my StepChange and zeroed the debt so that the others all got a little bit more.

    I read the older version of the book, back in the days when the forum was a different colour and there were far fewer members. The book was reissued later (I think there's a link at the bottom of the page). It sums up lots of things in once place that are also on here.

    Continued good luck to you!
    spendy/she/her ***DEBT-FREE DATE: 11 NOVEMBER 2022!*** Highest debt: £35k (2006) MY WINS: £3,541 CASH; £149 Specsavers voucher; free eye test; goody bag from Scottish Book Trust; tickets to Grand Designs Live; 2-year access to Feel Amazing App (worth £100); Home Improvement & Renovation Show tickets; £50 to spend on chocolate; Harlem Globetrotters tickets; Jesus Christ Superstar tickets + 2 t-shirts; Guardians of the Galaxy goody bag; Birmingham City v Barnsley FC tickets; Marillion tickets; Dancing on Ice tickets; Barnsley FC v Millwall tickets
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