New Take That Shows & Disgraceful Date Change

Extra Take That tour dates go on sale this coming Friday;

Friday 27 May 2011
Sunderland, Stadium Of Light

Saturday 28 May 2011
Sunderland, Stadium Of Light

Sunday 12 June 2011
Manchester, Manchester City Stadium

Monday 4 July 2011
London, Wembley Stadium

HOWEVER - the email states;
In order to accommodate an extra date at Wembley, it has been necessary to reschedule the planned show on Sunday 3rd July for Thursday 30th June. The promoters apologise for the inconvenience this may cause but tickets remain valid for customers who have already bought them for Sunday 3rd July. Anyone who cannot make the rescheduled date is eligible for a full refund from their point of purchase.

That just stinks - what happens to all those who've made travel plans and/or booked hotels etc for the Sunday?

All those who struggled to get tickets for a weekend show (especially those with kids) will now have to change everything or give up their tickets.

It's not very good is it.


  • revua
    revua Posts: 1 Newbie
    edited 8 December 2010 at 10:46PM
    I'm absolutely disgusted with this. I really cant get my head around it and no excuse will come close to them justifying messing fans around like this. It is a total lake of respect and is so inconsiderate its unbelievable. I was really looking forward to this and now I can't see how I'm going to enjoy the concert knowing these money bags have stitched me up and ripped me off good and proper. It might not seem like much money to them but we do not find it easy to afford luxury's like this. Not only did I spend the morning off work to take nearly fives hours to get tickets for a weekend. I have spent many hours researching and booking our hotels and train fares for eight people. The only tickets we could get were Wembley and we are travelling from the north midlands but I know many will be much worse off if they have to travel from abroad. As we have booked the cheapest we can find our hotels are not refundable or transferable. We as a group will be over £300 out of pocket without taking into consideration getting time off work or loss of pay! I really don't know what we are going to do and all See tickets can offer is a refund and I understand its not there fault.
    Not only have we lost that money on hotels when we book another hotel prices are more expensive for the week compared to the weekend savers we had. It's going to cost at least £36 more a room so that's another £144 down the drain. It not just all this extra money and time off work that's an issue. I have had a right stressful day worrying about this, anticipating to get home to try and sort it out. Now I have spent the evening wasted, looking at websites, speaking to family that are coming with us to try to work the best way out of this. I can not state how miffed I am about this. Even the time its taken me to write this is now annoying me as I should not have to be doing this. At this moment I really hate them for doing this but they won't worry about us earning there multi millions from this while there fans are made to suffer. For their promoters to come out with some rubbish saying 'its for the fans and there is nothing they can do'. If its for the fans they would have left bookings alone and just added another date on Thursday but it was about money and them having time off. (Stuff the fans type of attitude!) It is unacceptable to change the date over a month after the booking took place as most will have made plans. Where is the consideration to even offer us the Monday date if that suits us best. If its really for the fans Take That would take some of there millions and pay for all the extra cost its cost there fans. Its there fault and they should pay for this but its not about us, its about how much money they can make. it makes me sick.
    And although there will be no acceptable excuse, someone said they will have their reason which will may never find out! well that's just rubbish! they need to tell us there reasons before they release things like this! Its shambolic the way the whole process has been handled and people like that don't deserve our money but they will get it!
    Rant Over
    From a very miffed and disappointed fan.
  • mjm3346
    mjm3346 Posts: 46,862
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    How have you lost on train fares? You cannot book them that far in advance.
  • What an appropriate name!! We don't care about our fans they can "take that!" My whole family were going on SUNDAY 3rd July. A SUNDAY the only day they could go all together and not lose money. Why do they think people spend hours online just to ensure that they can get the day they want!! It is disgraceful. Also the GCSE exams were finished by then, now we are not sure if they will be , as our date has now been put forward to a THURSDAY!!!!!!!
    Surely the brainy people who decided this must have realised the reasons people choose a Sunday and could maybe have changed it to another Sunday if it had to be changed!!!!!
    We love our fans!!! Yeh right!
    Take that, take that!!!!!:mad::cry:
    Bah humbug!!!!!!!! Spoilt Xmas
  • dmg24
    dmg24 Posts: 33,925 Forumite
    mjm3346 wrote: »
    How have you lost on train fares? You cannot book them that far in advance.

    I thought that too ... I'll check! ;)

    Edit: Yep, definitely can't book this far ahead!
    Gone ... or have I?
  • Any one is welcome to join the Facebook some of us have set up to express our disappointment....

    I'm not able to copy and paste the link for you... Its called Petition Against Take That Date Change... Give us back the 3rd of July!!
  • I Can't believe that I have only just been made aware of the date change from 3 July to 30 June. Today is the 27 June!! I had booked a hotel, train tickets and time off work based on 3 July 2011 and only told today of the change.

    I booked my tickets through World Ticket Shop and they have informed me that I cannot have a refund as the change has been well advertised on their site and Take That's official site! If it was well advertised, why didn't I know about it? I'm not in the habit of checking the sites for updates on the tour dates and didn't think that I needed to be! Surely out of courtesy, the World Ticket Shop should have issued an email to all those who have bought tickets through them if they were affected by the change?

  • moneypooh
    moneypooh Posts: 2,217
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    To be honest, I'm not sure how you didn't know about this. When it first happened it was on everything Take That related, websites, twitter etc. As a TT fan how didn't you know?
  • kt21
    kt21 Posts: 745 Forumite
    I agree with moneypooh, it was on here loads, in the news, in the papers etc etc.... Sorry.
  • I'm a fan of many groups not just Take That and don't tend to go in to the websites etc. I heard about the extra dates, but didn't know that meant changing the 3rd July......

    I'm more annoyed with the World Ticket Shop for not contacting their customers via email to update them, instead of them assuming that I log in to Take That's website every 5 minutes!
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