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  • Emmasam - I had the same concerns when going to Mexico during the volcanic ash as we had booked flights and hotel separately. After reading the guidance on the site, you just need to confirm with the insurer that they cover even though you've booked separately. I phoned up as well as checking the small print. Your only problem might be if you booked the trip a while ago and are only now trying to take out the insurance in the midst of the bad weather. The first question my insurer asked was if I had taken out the insurance before the volcanic ash started.

    On another note, my boyfriend received a refund for train tickets he purchased after his journey was cancelled due to the bad weather, but was charged a £10 admin fee. Is this allowed if they cancel the journey?
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    Your Lloyds travel insurance policy should cover you for unrefundable accommodation costs up to £5,000 if you have to cancel because the flight is cancelled.
  • Just adding antoher question to this thread:
    I am travelling to India from Heathrow on the 25th December and have booked my car in with Purple Parking for the 14 days. I rang them ysterday to ask them if I'd be refunded the parking fee if my flight was cancelled. The answer was: ''No unless I cancel it 24 hours before''....I won't know 24 hours before if the flight is going or not unless I have a crystal ball in which case I'll make a fortune. :-)

    Has anyone had to deal with something like this before and if so, did they get a full or partial refund from the airport-parking company.
  • Hi what are my rights if I have a package holiday I left about 8 hours to do an hour and a half trip. I had an awful time as roads were closed due to the snow and ice, I had to dig my way out lots of times even the main motorways were shut and I missed my flight, is there anything I can do to recover some money Thomson's are being no help at all! I'll never book with them again!
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    I missed my flight

    That sounds like your travel insurance.
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  • Will be coming back from Tampa, via Philadelphia with US Airways, in January. Hopefully there won't be a repeat of last year.

    Flying to Manchester rather than Gatwick too. Why is Gatwick so vulnerable to snow closures?

    Don't mean to start scaring but I've flown back from Florida to Manchester via Philly in the past...

    Snow closed the airport and the airline left us to our own devices (except for food vouchers which were promptly spent at the bar). I ended up sleeping in the airport..... got a free t-shirt by signing up to a credit card so at least SOME fresh clothes :D

    I'm supposed to be flying from Heathrow to Florida via Atlanta tomorrow (On Delta)

    I've just read this on the Guardian website

    "If your flight is delayed or cancelled, your rights are protected by European Law for any flight from or within the European Union and on flights from a non-EU country into the EU, provided the airline is licensed in the EU.....

    If you are delayed overnight your airline is required to provide you with hotel accommodation and transport to and from the hotel."

    But I'm confused.... I'm flying from the EU to the US on a US carrier. Assuming my flight takes off and I get to Atlanta late...... are they obliged to put me up in a hotel? Got a couple of hostels on speed dial just in case
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    If the flight is not very late will you still make the last flight from ATL to Florida?
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  • let's hope for the best.... i've got a curry waiting for me in sarasota
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    Hi everyone - We had a one-way BA flight booked from Heathrow to Switzerland, and a one-way return flight booked on Easyjet from Switzerland to Gatwick.

    Due to the conditions, we were not able to get out of Heathrow to Switzerland and as a result, we will no longer be able to use our Easyjet return. Getting a refund from BA was not a problem... but can anyone advise me of our rights re our Easyjet flight?

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    Has easyJet cancelled the flight to LGW?
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