how much do people allow themselves to spend in december



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    Give myself a budget for buying presents of £300, and during xmas week a budget of £200 for everything (although staying with rellies so won't need to buy much food)
  • In November and December I don't make a payment into my savings account and use that to buy all the presents and bits and bobs I need. Plus perhaps a treat for me too if I stick to a reasonable budget.

    I try to put a bit away each month specifically for Christmas but I am not very good at it. I have a standing order to my savings account every month so I pay that 10 months of the year. I find it easier that way.

    I will probably spend about £600 all in all and if I stick to that I can just transfer the extra back into my savings again.

    I buy for family and friends but also do hampers for elderly neighbours that soon add up as I like to put treats in that they wouldn't buy themselves.
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    I'm pretty tight with family presents - got it down to 3 and they get £10 each (I set the price as a challenge for them which they seem to like) and all in all with other gifts/christmas lunches with friends/secret santa's at work tend to get away with about £150.
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  • Well Ive just done my Christmas shopping and spent £30, just got one more present for my Gfriend and that will take it to £70 so I am pretty happy with that :)
  • I think we will probably spend about £1000 this December but that includes:

    Christmas presents for our 4 kids
    Christmas presents for me and DH
    Christmas presents for family,7 adults
    Birthday presents for 2 of our kids
    Birthday presents for my dad and Fil
    Birthday present for my really good friend
    Food and drink at Christmas
    Probably a few meals out as well for various birthdays during the month
    Birthday party for DD2 for her friends from school

    Blimey I think I am going to have a busy December and then in January its my birthday and my DH has just had his birthday at the end of November. Its an expensive time of year. I did start early this year on presents though as I got all the kids some clothes for Christmas and birthdays in the sales in January.
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    I saved about £200 in pound coins throughout the year (took part in the sealed pot challenge) plus £200 M&S vouchers through Park which a friend runs.

    I have done the bulk of my shopping on a quiet Saturday night (thank you X factor and Strictly) and only go out one day - Christmas day to relatives.

    Other than that I eat as I do all year round, bar the odd Celebrations and choccies I am given for Christmas. :)

    I think it feels less like Christmas this year than ever before?

    I always take Christmas week off and that is the best present ever in my opinion. :)
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    I expect to spend £70 on Christmas this year, as I am currently unemployed. I have four children, aged 28, 27, 18 and 10, plus 4 grandchildren aged 5, 4, 11 and 8. I only have the £70 budget, because I was lucky once again to win playing bingo online. As my children are aware of my financial situation, they have been very understanding and expect no presents. My ten year old son is happy to accept one present. My 28 and 27 year old also have birthdays on 10th and 14th December respectively, so also have to forgo presents for these as well. As the bulk of that budget will be used to buy food treats and a present for my 88 year old mother who resides in a nursing home. I had always taught my children that christmas is more about having a good time with your friends and family, than the giving of lavish presents. These lessons have really born fruit this year, as there has been no resentment at the lack of money to celebrate Christmas. We have endured many other lean christmases, this one is just leaner than others. We are invited to my neice for Christmas Day and one of my sister's for Boxing Day, so we have a really good Christmas to look forward to. I have been blessed with the talent to write poetry, so I intend to pen poems for each of my children to remind them of what special human beings that they are. I bought some packets of crayons for my two youngest grandaughters earlier in the year for less than a pound a packet, and will get them some packets of A4 paper from either my local 99p shop or Poundland. I got my 8 year old granddaughter a set of 7 new puffin books for 99p plus £2.50 p & p from ebay as she is an avid reader. For my 11 year old grandson, I found a new collectors bakugan ds games for only £5.99 including P & P again from ebay much earlier in the year. I also have books for my grandson and two younger granddaughters, that I had bought earlier in the year and put aside. I have 8 living siblings and too many aunts, uncles, cousins, second cousins etc to count, so my family always only buys for our own children and grandchildren, plus a few other family members of our choice, so that christmas has never been a spend fest, even though I come from this extra large extended family. Even on an extremely tight budget it is possible to have a really special time at Christmas, especially if you are surrounded by loving members of your family. Christmas Eve, will be my mother's special Christmas day, as I am a non-driver. My Mother does not mind, as she essentially gets two Christmas Days. I can hardly wait for Christmas, I am counting down the days. Merry Christmas Everyone, may you all remember the true meaning of Christmas and have a very special time with all your loved ones.:)
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    I save every month so I usually have £400 to spend. I buy presents for my own two children and their three cousins. Also a small gift for my in laws as we go to them for Christmas dinner every year.

    My work Christmas party is free for both myself and partner and they re-imburse cab fares too which is excellent as it's often in the centre of London and I live out in the burbs and cabs can be upwards of £100 once you get there and back:eek: Problem is you can only claim back in January so have to pay it out first. DH's Christmas "do" isn't free (or open to plus 1's :() but he and his mates usally book into a Holiday Inn for the night and split the costs. It works out much cheaper.

    I will probably buy something to wear too but Primark or Asda.

    I think the heating will be one of the main things as we are sitting in deep snow here and it's freezing :(

    Naomi x
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    I pay £45 a month into an account and so do 5 of my brothers and sisters. That covers presents for 7 sisters, 3 brothers, 9 OHs and 21 nieces and nephews, 2 aunts and 1 uncle (and Easter presents for the under 18s). We buy big presents between 6 of us and the other 5 buy the smaller, christmassy things that everyone likes. This year I will ask for money to buy new saucepans in the January sales. In addition I buy for 2 sons (budget £100 each - spend loads more but take it our of their savings that we pay into every month). On top of that, one big family 'do' - take pudding and wine. Christmas day spent at sister's so take port and cheese and then cook for said sister and friends on New Year's eve. An expensive month but budgeted for all year and so no horrible CC surprises in January. (Btw - I put most of it on the CC to get points from Mr T)!
  • I've been doing the £1 a day challenge since 1st Jan 2010, so far I have £334 to spend on Christmas, which is a massive amount and will cover presents, 3 x work christmas meals and a few christmas meet-ups with friends. I didn't notice the money going out when I was putting it aside so I'm amazed at how easy it was- will be doing it next year too!
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