how much do people allow themselves to spend in december

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hi all
i was thinking about trying to just live on a certain amount in december but its so hard i have looked at my diary i have meal here birthday there christmas is a very expensive time of year.

sorry if there is another thread about december spending

how much do people allow themselfs to live on in december


  • I guess it depends on the individual circumstances, you cut your cloth to suit your means. Ive paid for nearly all my presents through money I've saved throughout the year, and have budgeted for an extra £100 in December, however if it were a few months ago it would have been less
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    I think an extra £1,000 should cover it. I've only put the money aside and ordered the food and drinks for christmas day and that alone is £150. Then there is the extra gas/electric bills. Then the going out to see everyone... The day in January when the credit card bill arrives is a day I'm not looking forward to.
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    An extra £400 should be plenty for me..

    Hopefully manage on half that
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    As little as possible for me.
    Paying off my overdraft is more important to TBH.
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  • it is a tricky one. I try ot buy pressies in the year if and only if they are an exceptional buy. I also stock up on toiletires nad chocolates fomr Poundland and make hampers etc
    I save with Park for vouchers which come in very handy (£18 per month gets me £230 in mid November) and for food nad drink over the period, I save clubcard vouchers (this year we had nearly £200) and if we are hosting a party we ask everyone ot bring a bottle and a plate (this can be anything fomr a bottle of mixer nad tube of pringles to a box of wine and lovely cakes) on top of that for al lthe extra visiting and socialising we have to be really strict and only spend about £75-£100 as we do not have the luxury of being able to pop it on CC or in the overdraft anymore. It is a lot of faff but also a lot of fun
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    About £1,000 (ouch - that looks like a lot when I write it down!).
    That includes:
    - presents for our two children, 7 adults and 4 other children
    - parties/socialising
    - food & drink
    - childcare during the holidays
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    Jazzie99 wrote: »
    About £1,000 (ouch - that looks like a lot when I write it down!).
    That includes:
    - presents for our two children, 7 adults and 4 other children
    - parties/socialising
    - food & drink
    - childcare during the holidays
    £756 inc food, drinks, presents and wifes birthday on the 23rd.All paid for.Wont have credit card.No nasty bills in Jan!
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    I brought my Christmas presents 4 months ago and I am avoiding the Xmas work do as we have to pay so I would say and extra £150 for gas and electricity and a bit of meeting up with friends!
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  • Im lucky I only have a few presents to buy, so I will do it on £200 hopefully. I am at my gfriends parents on Xmas Day, Boxing Day and then home so wont have to get any extra food.

    I have done all my Xmas shopping online and where possible I have got the company to gift wrap :)

    My partner and I have put a limit of £50 on the present(s). Christmas is the time for being with each other and have a relaxing time for me, not spend spend spend which it has become.

    Good luck all.
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    We do not go to parties. So I dont need any new clothes etc for that .I am lucky that both my children are young so for both of them there presents were cheap enough. the daughters bike was £35 and my sons walker was only £15 in asda. I spent a £5 on each of them for stocking fillers . My husband is getting a watch for £35 down from £177 :) thats all he is getting after his birthday gift a month ago cost 500! :eek::mad:
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