MSE News: Santander still worst bank for customer service

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"A mammoth 46% of the nearly 2,000 customers who voted rate its service as poor. This follows a similar poll result in August ..."


  • mmm a bit obvious especially when boss has moved to Lloyds
    Then again,tbh i have a good experience with Santander and rate it great :)
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    No ship Sherlock.
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    Steve Williams, Santander director of service quality and complaints, says: "...........We know we have made progress from our own customer satisfaction surveys and are pleased the poll confirms our improvement.
    So Santander are happy that they moved from being 'from extremely dismal to dismal'.

    I guess one of the reasons that they have improved in this poll is down to the the volume of people who have ditched them, and thus can no longer complain about them!
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    My experience as a customer and accompanying others:

    Horrendous Branch Queues 9/10 times.

    No Customer Service Points so its the cashiers or phones which slow down the queues.

    ATM's don't warn they have no cash before you go through the motions

    Do opposite of what you ask them and don't rectify, complaints take ages and never really seem to address/understand the issue!
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    MSE_Guy wrote: »

    No surprise there, then: it hasn't a clue who its customers are, so it certainly has no chance of providing them with any kind of service.
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    MSE_Guy wrote: »

    and this is news...?
    God save the Queen!
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    I have been a customer of both Alliance & Leicester and Abbey. Alliance & Leicester were the worst for me both in branch and online. Truly awful and would not return if you paid me. Abbey, both in branch and online has been an altogether different experience. The online current account is miles ahead of both Alliance & Leicester online and Nationwide online. It is more user-friendly and easy to navigate. It's a shame the interest rates are so crap... if anyone knows of better online banking I'll consider jumping ship but until then Abbey/Santander are best for me personally online. I'd like to test drive First Direct's online banking but I don't think you can.

    P.S I haven't actually been inside an Abbey branch for months other than to deposit cash but it's alway okay. There are some branches with serious understaffing problems and the queues are actually intolerable. Most banks are like this though I guess.
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  • can we use any other bad word for this sham bank.i had 3 times dealt with it and all i have seens is extremely poor service.
    1. got 3 credit cards with 3 diffrnt limits!though applied only for asked them to cancel the extra 2 accounts.
    2. after 3 months online banking reason .it took about 4 months to sort it out.
    3. switched my current account- everything gone wrong (2 weeks ago).i have told them to close the account as can't take too much stress.
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    Flippin' A & L - I went into local branch last July and asked to be transferred back to an ordinary current account instead of the Premier as I no longer required the 'add ons'. As far as I knew, there was no problem with this but I noticed the £10 charge had still be taken in July/August/September and October. I returned to the Branch last week and queried this - apparently, there was a note attached to the account but 'it couldn't be actioned until the New Year'. When I queried the fact that they would then have purloined £60 from the small amount I keep in this account, the staff member repeated the 'spiel' - almost word for word. When it was obvious I wasn't getting anywhere, she took exception to my inattention - bah... I really can't believe they are going to continue like this. Will have a go @ HO but they'll not be keeping my little account at this rate. CS - I DON'T THINK SO!!!!!!!!!
  • Santander have caused me piles of trouble by 'rebranding' their cards - reissuing new cards with a Santander logo instead of Abbey. 'This card is identical to your old one' they said...except it wasn't as the start/expiry dates were different, ofc it wasn't until payment rejections started coming in from subscription services I realised I had to change my card details with each company involved. I couldn't top up my mobile phone as the providers website kept insisting I was trying to register the 'same' card and yet could not use it to take a payment all the same. I have to wait for a refund from Sky via a cheque because they can't credit my new and 'different' card with the money I am owed.
    So busy thinking about getting a new logo on the cards that they didn't think it prudent just to wait and send out rebranded cards when the older cards actually expired >.<
    No wonder they're getting such a bad rap atm - they deserve it!
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