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MSE News: Rpoints & Cashbackkings on verge of going bust

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This is the discussion thread for the following MSE News Story:

"Thousands of Cashbackkings and Rpoints users are set not to be paid cashback following the failure of the duo's parent company ..."



  • I had £40 from my switch to british gas that id have been able to claim from the 18th of this month, not a huge loss but still it would be better off in my pocket than lost
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    Every dog has its day I guess. We all knew this day would come sooner or later.
  • oh carp,that would explain why i have had over £100 over 4-5 transactions extended then :(
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    oh carp,that would explain why i have had over £100 over 4-5 transactions extended then :(

    And amazingly a 45.00 MBNA Retail Rewards Visa non tracking query via Cashback Kings from 24th September "appeared" and went awarded on the very day that redemptions were suspended. :(

    ** 10 Nov **
    This transaction has appeared on your statement since you submitted the claim, so we have changed the status of your claim to cancelled. If this is not the transaction your claim was referring to, or the amount of cashback shown is incorrect, please submit a further claim. Please note cashback is awarded net of VAT and delivery charges. Thanks

    I tried to cashout from one of Rpoints 50% Whitelabel sites, Shopping Tactics since 21 October 2010, the redemption screen was faulty as found other users and raised a query on 21/10/10 to which someone finally bothered to reply to last Sunday informing me that the amount 25.00+ ( was also owed a further 5.00 bonus for reaching 25.00+) would be paid by Paypal in full knowledge that Paypal payments werent being made. :( :mad:

    From On 07 Nov 2010 08:38

    Hi ...., thanks for your query.

    Very sorry for the lack of response to your query. As you have not redeemed from this account before I have now requested a Paypal redemption using your email address .............

    As a gesture of goodwill, we have awarded all your pending transactions and included them in this payment

    This from the man who in recent months himself launched "another" 100% site.

    "So the operation of the website for transactions from today onwards will not necessarily change."

    "Yendall says and have around 250,000 members combined but he stresses "only a fraction" of those are owed money".

    In reality only a fraction of that number actively used the sites due to fact as is evidenced in thread numpty linked below the sites had lost popularity over 12 Months ago, an Ex- Cashback Kings Forum Moderator details an opinion of the running of the site and of his reasons for leaving the site :

    Anon wrote: »
    Bother - signed up to Sky through them as they had the best offer. So much for £20 extra now, with £120 lost!


    As detailed in this thread a select chosen few ( tiny fraction) of the "250000" membership were furnished with apparent key information whilst the majority of the membership were left in the dark. :(
  • Mine that are extended go back to the 31st october for £95 scottish widows,£6 splash and a few odd ones for a few pence but i did get one that goes back a fair few months awarded but it wont let me redeem it,and i should have had a payment by bacs today and didnt get it! its the cashback site i used the most but im not going to hold my breath that im going to get the money awarded :(
  • I hate to say it but you won't be getting it...just joining the list of creditors....after the taxman and the landlord...we will be way down the list.:mad:
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  • For the record, according to Martin Lewis, 90 - 95% of cashback is paid out.

    He also claims that cashback came about because of this site.,22751,

    "Remember cashback is only paid if the comparison service can actually administer the switch for you (i.e. if it lists the provider with an ‘apply’ not an ‘enquire’ button). Don’t let cashback be the deciding factor though; long term cheaper bills are more important.

    Historically, cashback started due to this site."
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    Rather amusing though that Mr. Lewis turns up on Watchdog extolling the virtues of cashback sites for offsetting the rising cost of car insurance within a couple of hours of this story appearing on his own site. ;)
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    Pigeons coming home to roost after six or seven years of mass irresponsiblility.

    " is independently ranked by Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis as one of the top cashback sites in the UK. "

    That thread was started over 1 year ago
    Numpty,Not sure why but I'm crying :o . Of all the peeps on this board you're the kindest & most supportive of all & I'm :mad: & :( for you all at the same time . Wish I was there to give you a big :grouphug: & emergency hobnobs
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