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Closed account credited!!??


Need your advice here. As I hadn't use it for well over a year, I closed my credit card account with Natwest at the beginning of September 2010 and received a letter from Natwest confirming the account was now closed a week later.
Yesterday I received a statement from Natwest showing the account is in credit of over £200. The payment was made at the end of October and it's not me, I haven't made it, no-one has my details and no transfer was ever arranged! The account has been credited when actually according to my records the account was supposed to be closed! I rang Natwest straight away for some explanation that they could not give me, they seemed to be as puzzled as I was! The person I spoke to told me just to leave it and whoever made that payment will realised it has gone to the wrong account and will debit the account. I am not happy about this, as far as I know the account is closed so any kind of transfer, payment, ... should not be possible as the account is non existent, how could this happen! She couldn't say and apologised. Now I've got this £200 there that I do not want it there as the account is closed :mad:
I was wondering if anyone has had the same kind of problem and how did they go about this. I am thinking of writing to the person who confirmed the account was closed and find out what's going on.
Any advice, opinions, similar experiences, ... would be appreciated.
Cheers ;)


  • Typhoon2000
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    A closed account does not mean that money cant be deited to it (like with CCA) or than money cant be credited to it, like a refund.
  • vero1971
    vero1971 Posts: 11 Forumite
    Ok thanks for that however if the credit card account is closed, I am not a Natwest customer anymore, I would have thought any kind of transactions would have bounced back. Am I wrong to think that?
  • JohalaReewi
    JohalaReewi Posts: 2,614 Forumite
    vero1971 wrote: »
    Ok thanks for that however if the credit card account is closed, I am not a Natwest customer anymore, I would have thought any kind of transactions would have bounced back. Am I wrong to think that?


    Although you can close the credit card account, if you have set up any regular payments (eg card protection) these will still be recorded against the closed account when they come in.

    Have a look at this thread...
  • onlypaddy
    It is normal practice for credit card companies to keep the account 'open' for a period of around 3-6 months after you send the closed request. You dont actually have the card any more and cant make purchases/BT or manual payments etc, but they will keep the account open in order to honour things that you may have forgotten to cancel or for possible refunds. until all loose ends are tied up really
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  • vero1971
    Ok many thanks, typical of banks and credit cards companies. I never had anything set up for this account so it's obviously an error on their behalf. Just thinking of whoever made that payment has paid the wrong account and has not paid whoever they thought they were paying!
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