O2 reimbursed my phantom iPhone EU data charges!

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Just got my monthly bill through from O2. This month I've been in the Republic of Ireland and France, and despite having carefully switched Data Roaming off on the iPhone for all but one day (when I had to check email in the airport), I've still been landed with £10 worth of roaming data charges. These include dates when I know that my iPhone was absolutely turned off or active only on WiFi with Data Roaming disabled!

However after making a quick call to O2 customer services, I've been told the charges will be credited back to me next month. I was expecting more of a fight... according to the agent there have been some problems with data roaming charges. Or perhaps (speculating wildly here) O2 are just billing and seeing who complains.

Similar experiences anyone? As always - check your bill and challenge anything suspicious!


  • I think you are fortunate. As countless people have said in the past. Turning data roaming off on an iPhone doesn't stop it using network data. Which is why there is now an option to completely turn of mobile data.
  • Certain versions of the iPhone operating system have a bug in it that basically means turning data roaming off doesn't actually do this. I believe it has been fixed in 4.1, but I know that all the networks have had to reimburse a hell of a lot of roaming data charges because of it so there was a lot of pressure on Apple to get this fixed..
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