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This is the discussion to link on the back of Martin's "Do not pass go, do not go to jail, go to free parking" blog. Please read the blog first, as the discussion follows it.

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  • mattb_3
    mattb_3 Posts: 97
    First Post First Anniversary Combo Breaker
    My opinion is that this is an example of how many money saving ideas only work if a certain small number of people know about them.

    This will be unpopular and sound selfish but I believe those people who are the opposite of moneysavers (for example paying high interest rates on some loan) are effectively/indirectly funding those who are moneysavers and taking advantage of (staying with the same example) the 0% rates.

    So in this car parking example, this site possibly a victim of its own success. Project forward a couple of years and this site could become quite powerful, which has its downsides...

    Actually I've possibly missed the main point which was the moral dilema. But I think the collective power of this site is a far more interesting topic.
  • The basic answer is nobody. The Queen's Highway is for getting about
    not parking. That said, let us get realistic.
    Most things in this world of ours are in limited supply. In my lifetime I've seen
    the world population more than double, its now well over 6,000,000,000.
    So it is obvious, natural resources are limited but for man made goods the supply
    can be increased. However a method needs to be found for allocating scarce
    resources. Capitalistic markets are one self regulating method BUT it is essentially a selfish system and its players are dedicated to producing MORE not more efficiently distributing the limited resource. There is also he "problem of the commons", where something that is shared means that the selfish person can grab more even though by doing so there is less available in total (The magic speed for a road is about 17MPH, if you are trundling along a motorway at less than this speed, you are the problem thatis creating the congestion and the Q is getting longer as people pile into the back of it
    faster than the motorists at the front accellerate out of the front of it)..
    Motoring is by its nature a selfish activity. A moving car takes up a huge amount of space, especially if its driver is obeying the 2 second rule (and a fool if he is not).
    As a private car makes two journeys per trip, one to the airport and one back, it should contribute less to traffic congestion than a private hire car, that tends to make 4 journeys, 2 of them empty. (see "taxis" below for reason why they travel empty)
    The least selfish method of travel is by public transport, especially if it is a door to door minibus service.

    Someone has made a fortune out of Stansted airport. The acres of car parks are built on (cheap) green belt land and the space per car is very small. Taxis cost a fortune, partly because they pay loads for the right to rank at the airport. Short stay parking charges are being increased (so resort to the trick of collecting friends from the drop off point, when they phone on their mobile to say they are on curb side).

    Finally, cluttering up residential streets with cars parked for days at a
    time is selfish, but does anyone know a motorist who isn't selfish ?
    The whole devil take the hindmost world of private motoring
    encourages that attitude. The local authority eventually gets in on
    the act by selling parking permits (more than there are parking
    spaces if you live in Westminster). So if you are a motorist
    complaining about someone stealing "your" space on the road outside
    - tuff what do you expect? Very soon even your friends will not be
    able to visit you: no permit and no parking space.
    Last time I went to Paris, I was able to park for nothing and get
    the train into the city from an outer suburban town. In the UK most
    parking arrangements cost a lot and at the park and ride and
    multistory type of car parks, you worry that the car will be stolen,
    vandalised or burgled by the time you get back. (Does the UK have
    the worst car crime in Europe, driven by drug addiction, or does it
    just seem like that ?)

    Though Stansted is an exception, it seems daft to me that our planning rules allow roads AND
    SUPPORTING FACILITIES like filling stations to be built on
    agricultural land BUT not park & ride car parks. For every car
    taking up a small parking space, there is one less (moving) car
    taking up a much larger space on the road and park and ride cars
    only make one journey to and one journey from the car park.
    - a partial solution is to tax people using up more than their fair share
    of natural resources: second cars, second homes, energy guzzling
    homes etc.

    Any body got a better idea of how to ration scare resources?


    PS The Gatwick Flier (minibus) now goes to Stansted - I've not yet
    used it, so I cannot say if this new service is a good as the Gatwick version.
  • the last thing Bishop's Stortford needs, (or indeed can provide) is free parking for those who fly from Stansted airport.

    The town is already choked by cars, and the new multistory flat complexes being built are no longer required to provide one parking space for each flat.

    The street I live on is constantly double parked with cars that belong to commuters traveling to London, tourists using the airport, and Stortford workers who have nowhere to park at their places of employment.

    I would argue strongly that a better answer would be to reduce the ludicrously expensive £25 ish fare from London on the Stansted Express. But then I would say that because I can't drive :)
  • meher
    meher Posts: 15,911
    Combo Breaker First Post
    I once read a story about parking. This happened in NY. A lady walks into a bank and asks for $5000 loan; the bank does the usual credit check and offers her the loan in return for some surety. The lady hands over her keys to her merc amg v-12 and they give her the $5000. The bank staff ridicule her for being stupid to have left an expensive car just for $5000. She returns in two weeks, repays the loan and collects her car. By this time th bank staff is puzzled because they find out that she was a millionnarie anyway, so why would she need $5000. She replies 'thanks for safekeeping my car for two weeks' and walks away with her keys. When you save money, it should be done cleverly :D you shouldn't look stingy instead people quick to judge should feel outwitted.
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