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Clutter free gifts / stocking fillers??!

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Clutter free gifts / stocking fillers??!

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MikkiMikki Forumite
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I love Christmas, especially with 3 kids (7, 3 and 17months old)! However, I am struggling to come up with ideas for stocking fillers.

The kids have so much stuff already, and I don't want to add to the clutter with more little bits and bobs around the place. However, I don't want them to miss out on the fun of finding a stuffed stocking at the end of their beds!

The things I have thought of are the obligatory satsuma, chocolate coins, socks (!), hair slides, pencils.

I was wondering if anyone had any more great ideas, and even for general clutter-free pressies?!

Mikki x


  • AllyAlly Forumite
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    we use money ..... special edition £5 coins for eldest and shinny ones for youngest(3) ...... they learn to save and are kept in their money boxes ... nice and tidy!!
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  • Scarlett1Scarlett1 Forumite
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    what about girly bracelets, necklaces, earings and rings, my DD loves these little bits :T
  • how about a tape or cd - I've got nice nursery rhyme ones for £1 before !!
  • PookyPooky Forumite
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    What about theming the stockings....

    Maybe cookie cutters, a small rolling pin, an apron, icing pens etc for one...

    Craft stuff in another, look in poundshops for pompoms and funky foam bits, zigzag scissors, glue sticks, stickers etc.

    For your youngest i'd suggest some small cardboard books (have a look in chairty shops), bubble bath, shampoo, etc - they love opening the pressies but soon get bored of what's inside, obviously include the sweeties and such you'd give to the others but they won't miss the bubble bath and shampoo when you take it out of reach.
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  • HariboJunkieHariboJunkie Forumite
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    I usually buy the kids things that they need anyway for their stockings like socks, pants, new toothbrush, nice smellies pens etc. These are thing you would have to buy anyway so it makes sense and now the kids expect them every year. Tesco £1 items at the moment are really good. I got letter shaped cookie cutters and hair bobbles the other day.
  • mum1964mum1964 Forumite
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    Kids may be a bit young but is appropriate for 7 year old. One year was at a complete loss as to what to buy as little extras. So made vouchers.
    i.e Mum promises to tidy your bedroom.
    A picnic in the garden.
    An afternoon flying a kite
    feeding the ducks.
    The kids then redeam the vouchers as and when.
    You can addapt them to fit in with what your kids like doing. Not only was it really cheap, just cost me and hubby a bit of time, we all really enjoyed it. It made us realise that childhood goes all to soon.
    I have a 12,13 year old this christmas, I am going to do something similiar.

    I stole this idea of a very broke friend who made vouchers for her family which included iorning, babysitting etc etc

    after all time is really priceless
    to all
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  • DoozergirlDoozergirl Forumite
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    My little girl was only 8 months old last Christmas, so I wouldn't have really bothered with a stocking if it weren't for the fact she has an older brother who would wonder why she didn't have one.

    Then I read on here last year about wrapping up baby biscuits and jars of baby food, which is entirely practical and clutter free as you need it anyway. I bought slightly more interesting chewy bars etc to jazz it up.

    Like the pants, socks, toothbrush idea. I will use that this year for both of them. :D
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  • liz.._4liz.._4 Forumite
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    we all like our own cup at our house so I usually wrap up a cup with a few choccie santas inside :)
  • jellycat40jellycat40 Users Awaiting Email Confirmation
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    I too tend to get them things they need to go in the stockings.

    Shampoo, shower gel, bubbles, socks, undies, pencil case and all the stuff to go in it.

    If your little one has a dummy a new one def won't go amiss. Also a nice plastic drinking mug or lidded beaker or drinking bottle (sport type not baby type). How about some new arm bands for swimming - goggles for the older ones - swimming could be something you do in the new year if you don't do now.

    Sing along tapes or cd's for in the car - about £2 in Morrisons.

    Posters, a picture in a frame, a little tooth pot/trinket box for secret treasure.

    My children like to cut up so some safety scissors and some old birthday cards to cut up with glue and some card.

    I will come back if I can think of anything else.

    The other thing I used to do was fish an old sock out of the pile of odd socks I always have and get the children to decorate it to leave on their beds as a "trade" for santa.

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  • NickiNicki Forumite
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    How about some disposable things so when they have been used they are gone - eg comics, puzzle books, cheap disposable camera to record fun at Christmas?
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